Abandoned dog ‘Tad’ ate carpeting and debris just to survive

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When left in the backyard of an abandoned Detroit home by his owners to die, the one-year-old black and white puppy, later dubbed Tad, tried his best just to survive. Fortunately a neighbor who lived nearby and realized the falling temperatures could mean life or death to the dog, contacted local authorities who in turn asked Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue for help.

On a freezing morning, just days before Christmas, the bull dog and Labrador retriever mix was transferred to their organization’s veterinarian partner at Wilson Veterinary Hospital. Besides Tad being emaciated, he was covered in ticks and anemic, however those were not his only physical problems. The dog had been bleeding internally, and as he was administered intravenous therapy, further tests indicated he had been eating the garbage left within his reach – including bits of metal, carpeting and other debris.

According to Fox2Detroit, Tad hadn’t had any food for a month.

“He could not stand; he was too weak. There was debris everywhere; there was metal on his X-rays,” stated rescue volunteer Patricia Ford who didn’t think the dog would have survived two more days had he been left where his owners had deserted him – just leaving him there all alone to die.

It is not known if Tad will need surgery to remove all of the blockages if they do not resolve naturally, but this dog is lucky – he is getting a second chance. The owners have not been located. To donate to Tad’s care, please click here.

(Photos of Tad courtesy of Happy Days Dog and Cat Rescue.)




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  1. lilsdad73 says:

    Cried when I read this, I think this would bring a tear to anyone’s eye. Thank God there are still good and kind people, neighbours, who intervened and saved the life of this beautiful soul. Just imagining him chowing down on a tasty bowl of food followed by playtime with a new and loving family, and hoping and praying his life will get a whole lot better. Heal quickly brave beautiful boy Tad, who has suffered much more than a Tad! Love and prayers to you ❤️

  2. maxiemom says:

    The bastards who did this need to be force fed the same garbage their innocent victim was forced to eat just to try to stay alive but with no medical intervention..

  3. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    J’espère que ses anciens maîtres payeront très cher leur stupidité et leur inhumanité. Je souhaite qu’ils soient condamnés fortement et que enfin justice soit faite.


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