Dead Dog Beach dogs died during hurricane

Abandoned ‘beach dogs’ all died when Hurricane Maria hit

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They were the abandoned, cast offs of society…the dogs who had been turned loose and left to fend for themselves. When Hurricane Maria bore down on Puerto Rico, battering trees and flooding everything in its path, the abandoned dogs of “Dead Dog Beach” were swept away.

On September 26, when Christina Beckles, with The Sato Project, made her way from New York to the storm ravaged island, to check on the dogs, she was met with the harsh reality of what had happened. The Facebook page for the non-profit group wrote:

Once the hugs and tears were over the first thing we all wanted to do was go to the beach to look for our feral dogs.
Sadly we did not find them and our hearts are heavy with the reality upon seeing the utter devastation at the beach – they did not survive…..

The New York based agency, which is dedicated to rescuing the abandoned and abused dogs from Puerto Rico, learned that several dogs were actually abandoned DURING the storm. According to the New York Post, a security guard at a hotel near the beach told Beckles that the dogs were  “were screaming in terror.”

The dogs abandoned during the storm have been found and rescued – they will be transported off of the devastated island this Friday.

Learn more about the Sato Project here. Follow on Facebook here.

After the storm….

I got to hug the most incredible team today and hold each of them tight. We are only just able to share due to very limited cellphone and internet access that Ivette rescued a dog the day after the hurricane. She came running up to Ivette…..Now safe in our care – Maria was a throwaway Pittie Mummy with hideously cropped ears and heartworm. Once the hugs and tears were over the first thing we all wanted to do was go to the beach to look for our feral dogs.Sadly we did not find them and our hearts are heavy with the reality upon seeing the utter devastation at the beach – they did not survive…..I am always conscious of the universe sending 'signs'. I think we received several today.Please watch our day and share with everyone you know. The situation is dire down here in PR and the World needs to see it.If you would like to help in our recovery efforts you can donate at you!We are #SatoStrong

Posted by The Sato Project on Tuesday, September 26, 2017

(Image via screenshot from The Sato Project website)

More news and updates at this link to National Animal News Facebook page – here.

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18 replies
  1. Adrienne says:

    What a horrible way for those “beach dogs” to die. I would assume the rescue group had tried to get those dogs off the beach but not enough time. Owners even left their dogs to fend for themselves. We all understand how this type of devastation can be for people and for many the last thing they think about are their pets, but facilities should have been set up since they knew between Irma and Maria, that they would get hit. Backup plans are so important for people and pets and strays too. Thanks to Sato Strong and the world they do for these animals. Without groups like this, more animals would be gone.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    My heart goes out to these people of the “Sato Project”. for the loss of these precious dogs. I imagine there was no way to gather them up and evacuate them before the storm hit. May they rest in peace and may they find comfort in knowing the dogs are safe with God. This is just heartbreaking.

  3. linda says:

    RIP to all animals that died and humans who lost their lives. As much as I don’t want to bring politics into the picture….Our POTUS was more consumed in the issue of the football leagues with the national anthem when he should be more concerned about our foreign and domestic affairs.

    • carol says:

      The local people dump their unwanted dogs there. They have done this for years. Our president has nothing to do with this barbaric behavior.

      • linda says:

        Pamela may I suggest you do your research. Unicorportated territory in P.R is an area controlled by the US gov’t. He as a president should make note of their problems. All previous president have made comments and have helped other countries…why should P.R be any different?!!!!! Why comment that our present POTUS is not a babysitter when previous presidents have?

    • Pamela Garlisch says:

      We don’t need to bring politics into this, the President is not the babysitter of the world. The people of Puerto Rico need to take some responsibility for this, they are the ones that failed these animals.

      • linda says:

        BTW they didn’t fail the animals….many human lives were also lost due to the harsh weather conditions. What would you have done?

      • tina says:

        Seriously? Every POTUS has gotten involved with other countries problems and now because it’s Trump you comment he is not a babysitter? Are you aware of past history concerning our past POTUS who do get involved. I do agree that we should not get involved in other countries problems, however, U.S. have territories in the P.R.

  4. sherry D. hadley says:

    Who could walk away and turn their backs on these animals. Scares me the kind of people we share the world with!

  5. Jeanne Valentin says:

    All people who have no consideration for helpless animals are cruel, disgusting, and deserve no pity or excuse, how would they like it if they were tossed like garbage and mistreated, as long as i know what it is to be Puerto Rican, they are heartless, mean and barbaric with animals, there is no excuse to mistreat animals in any way.


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