90-year-old woman could go to jail over ‘barking’ dogs dispute with neighbor

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A 90-year-old woman from Phoenix, Arizona faces a $2,500 fine and/or jail time over a barking dog dispute with her neighbor. Dolly Dentz, an extremely independent senior,  says her two dogs named Fluffy and Boots are part of her family; she loves both of the two year old terriers her son gifted to her.

Dentz could lose her dogs as well as wind up in jail. The sad story began six months ago when Jerry Angerman, Dolly’s next door neighbor, filed a complaint with the City of Phoenix claiming the dogs were barking day and night. According to AzFamily.com,  Angerman kept a written log of days and times the dogs barked.  Dolly was charged with a class-one misdemeanor. But there’s more, because Dolly says her dogs are not barkers. AH Watukee reports Dentz’ son, who has been caring for Fluffy and Boots, states the neighbor is angry at the wrong pet owner. The complaint filed with the city lists a third barking dog which doesn’t belong to Dolly.

In Phoenix, anyone can file a barking dog complaint, and all they have to do is keep a log of the perceived barking offenses. No video evidence is required nor is a report from the local police, so in theory if your dog is on the wrong side of the neighbor’s “dislike list,” it could mean big trouble for dog and dog owner alike. The city did offer mediation between Angerman and Dolly, but that wasn’t successful:

“We agreed to get barking-dog collars, keep the doors closed overnight, and said if they bark, we’ll stop them,” Bob Dentz stated, “but Angerman said he wanted her to plead guilty. He wanted her on probation.”

“I’m not going to plead guilty to something,” said Dolly Dentz. “They don’t bark. They’re really not barking dogs.”

So basically Dolly, who has lived in the same retirement home for the last 37 years, has become so stressed she has broken down and cried in public worrying about what will happen to her and the two dogs who share her life. She faces the same crime classification for her barking dogs which includes charges of drunk driving and domestic violence. A judge could sentence her to six-months in jail. What kind of justice is this?


Dolly is due back in court on June 16th.

(Photo of barking dogs screenshot by Kimberly Carrillo via AHWatukeeNews)

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29 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    So, the complaining neighbor didn’t want to do ANYTHING but force her to plead guilty? What about trying to look into the possibility of the third dog? It sounds to me like this good woman needs to get some kind of recording device going to prove her dogs are innocent, which I have no doubt they are, since this neighbor is probably one more nasty dog hater. Had one of them once (who set my puppy off himself just to complain when she was outside for all of 5 minutes- inside dog). I don’t understand how anyone could hate dogs, but they ALWAYS move next door to people who have them just to do what he’s doing to Mrs. Dentz now.

  2. Pamela D'Angio says:

    Why don’t they worry about animal abusers instead of an elderly woman who loves her dogs, takes care of them and wants to bother her over barking dogs. Her neighbor is an asshole and he needs to go to jail or a punch in the face.

  3. Pamela D'Angio says:


  4. Meghan says:

    OH MY GOSH! Is this what we have come to? That man needs to get air plugs or something, LEAVE HER ALONE! Obviously, he is doing something to wild up the dogs!

  5. Bunny Peters says:

    Years ago my Mom’s former neighbor filed against her for barking dogs. Yes, Mom had 2 dogs, but 1) they had both been “debarked” before she adopted them from the Humane Society & 2) they were boarded at her vet’s office during the log dates because she was overseas visiting relatives.

    I paid the $100 fine and included the Humane Society description of her dogs and the vet’s boarding bill with my check. 2 weeks later the city sent me a refund!!!

    That neighbor has since moved and I hope he is miserable!!!

    BTW: her dogs both are able to bark now. Their vocal cords grew back!!! No neighbor complaints (& they are 99.99999% indoor dogs)……

  6. pennysdachshund says:

    This POS MUST have HATED HIS OWN MOTHER>>>> WHAT A BASTARD WITH ABSOLUTLY NO HEART>>> I wish I lived there I would file a complaint that HE PEED to loud several times a night and hearing the stream kept me awake too!!!

  7. jeanette says:

    of course, No one is going to go for this, but have the dogs de-barked. easy! I have had 3 dogs de-barked, it didn’t change their personality one bit,. also I got along with my neighbors, heard about it 40 years ago when some person had 3 Great Danes that barked all the time, the judge ordered, get rid of them of de-bark them, it is like taking out your tonsils. the bark comes back but very softly, very softly,

  8. Amy McKendree says:

    My guess is the neighbor is a miserable little old man who wants everyone else to be miserable too.

  9. Rick says:

    She needs to SHUT UP HER FUCKING DOGS. I hate lazy dog owners with unruly rats that scream their heads off 24/7. If she actually gave a damn she’d shut them up. Some people just don’t deserve dogs, don’t bother everyone else with your shit

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Rick, why are you here if your are a dog hater? I can tell I wouldn’t want to have YOU for a neighbor! I lived next to a moron who hated dogs and accused mine of barking all night when in fact they were laying next to my bed from 9:00pm to 7:30am quiet as can be. I have no idea whose dogs he was hearing (if any) but he made our life miserable until he moved away “from our too noisy neighborhood”. I’m willing to bet this is what that 90 year old lady is dealing with too!

  10. Laura Adams Rowland says:

    I feel bad for this lady but if you havent lived beside someone with a dog that barks all the time you have no clue.I live in a small town with houses side by side.I have 3 small dogs that are indoors.My neighbor has a large hound type dog they tie on a rope outside very close to the front of my house.He barks so loud I cant hear my tv.He keeps me up at night barking,he wakes me on Sundays early in the morning when I can sleep in.It drives me nuts.People should respect there neighbors.I went to town police and they said something to them but hes still there barking his head off 24-7.

    • Darlene Wilson says:

      Anyone who will use a lame law like this is a dirt bag! The law is in need of mending. This dirt bag is harassing this woman. There’s mention of a third dog but Mr. Dirt Bag blows right by that because he’s after her specifically!! HE WANTS HER TO PAY!! HE EVEN STATED HE WANTS HER TO PLEAD GUILTY! WHY? This law is one of those who can wreck hell, havock, and mayben! The Dirt Bag should be counter charged with harassment! Look what he’s doing to this 90 yr. old lady and getting away with it! I hope karma catches up with this creep ASAP!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Most communities have laws about what hours dogs can be left out barking, If the dog is barking between those hours keep calling the police, they have to do something about it. No dog should be left outside 24/7 in the first place.

    • Gia Kirby says:

      AMEN!! It’s not that we hate dogs…we hate the lazy, rude, inconsiderate, can’t be bothered with taking care of THEIR problem dog owners!!! That is where the problem is. And for all of you who “keep your non-barkers” inside, ya, we wouldn’t be complaining if we could get a decent nights sleep…for once, and not awakened at 0530 every saturday and sunday. Some of us have health problems also that do require rest…that we’re not getting. So, if you don’t live it..take a hike!

  11. Sue says:

    I imagine (being retired myself) that the woman is home, and so does not let her dogs bark day and night, nor would they want to, if she is there.

    When I moved into my home nearly 40 years ago, I took into account that the neighbors on both sides had multiple dogs. I thought I had moved into dog heaven. But then the neighbors on one side moved away, and guess what moved in. People who don’t like dogs. They didn’t take into account that the neighbors have dogs before they moved in. They just came in and made life miserable for the rest of us.

  12. audrey says:

    What a scary thought that a neighbor could lie about barking dogs and all they have to do is to keep a “fake” log. That’s bullshit!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I agree, I have had this problem with a neighbor that complained mine were outside all night barking when in fact they were in the house by 9:00pm and not let out until after 7:30am. I don’t know what dog he was listening to but it wasn’t mine, I would certainly know if mine, lying by my bed, were barking all night. He made our lives miserable until he finally moved (the neighborhood was too noisy for him). And this poor woman, the neighbor has no proof but a log he makes and when confronted by the son who asked if his mother’s dogs had barked the night before was told yes they did, when the dogs had been at the son’s house that night, you have to wonder if he is just causing trouble or hearing someone else’s dogs.

  13. Nancy Raymond says:

    Dolly Dentz – you stand your ground – this ‘neighbor’ needs to back off as they don’t really know what dogs are barking. And for her to be subjected to such harassment is unacceptable – How can this woman be found guilty when this piss poor excuse for a neighbor has NO PROOF it was her dogs? Something stinks in Phoenix.

  14. Cynthia Como says:

    They need to concentrate on the tens of thousands of dog abusers! This could of been settled but this neighbor would rather fight than be civil!! Smh


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