84 Great Danes rescued from New Hampshire puppy mill

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On Friday morning, the Humane Society of the United States assisted the Wolfeboro Police Department with the rescue of 84 Great Danes caged inside of a New Hampshire mansion which appeared “stately and opulent from the outside,” however the inside of the home would tell a horrible story of neglect and abuse.

According to the organization’s press release, a search warrant was obtained by the Wolfeboro Police Department following an investigation beginning on May 8 concerning animal neglect allegations and barking dog complaints. When authorities arrived, they found the dogs living in horrendous conditions with limited food and water. Dogs lived amid piles of feces and urine, several had red, swollen eyelids and the smell of ammonia and raw chicken permeated the premises. Chief Dean Rondeau of the Wolfeboro Police Department had never seen such pitiful conditions:

 “I’ve never seen conditions this bad in more than 21 years of law enforcement. Words cannot describe the absolute abhorrent conditions these animals were living in. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to The Humane Society of the United States, Conway Area Humane Society and Pope Memorial SPCA, whose expert opinion and counsel was well-received, as well as the other local organizations who assisted at the scene.”

In Wayne Pacelle’s blog, he described in detail what responders first encountered when they walked into the home; that from the outside just looked so elegant:

“They told me that the first thing that hit them was an overpowering rancid and putrid smell, with ammonia levels so high in some rooms that the rescuers’ eyes teared up. There were feces and debris smeared across all the walls to the point where the windows were opaque. There were big dogs who had spent countless hours in cages…”

Some of the dogs were underweight and looked sad or broken. Their large paws were badly infected; some of the dogs were as large as ponies. All of the dogs have since been transferred to temporary shelters where they will all be vetted and then the mending of their souls and bodies will begin.

The Wolfeboro Police Department served search and seizure and arrest warrants on the property. The names of the owners have not been released at this time. To help with the dogs, please click here.

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(Video and photos by Meredith Lee via the HSUS)

Video of 84 Great Danes rescued:



20 replies
    • Mary Ann Clark says:

      At the very least a long prison term with no chance of parole! They deserve a life sentence at the very least and ideally the death penalty for the torture of these poor dogs!

    • Sheri says:

      YES, 84 YEARS IN A DOG CAGE FULL OF THEIR VERY OWN SHIT TO EAT & SLEEP IN!!????????????????????????

  1. Helen says:

    Shameful! It should be illegal to run a puppy mill. I’m glad these dogs were rescued, but we need to do much more. All existing puppy mills should be shuttered. Don’t buy pets from pet stores. Adopt your best friend from a rescue org. or local shelter.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    Abuse abuse nice big house on the outside looks good. I would say house of horrors inside. Poor dogs people make me sick. A huge fine and shut them down. Should never be allowed animals again ever

  3. Tracy Whitcomb says:

    I hope the owners get charged with this. The owners should be stuck in the same cages they had thos dogsin. This is terrible.

  4. audrey says:

    Glad these dogs were rescued. Please keep us posted. What a shame this mansion was used for illegal activity. Would have been an ideal place for legitimate placement of dogs needing homes/rescued.

  5. Cynthia Como says:

    I’ll never ever understand why assholes do this! NEVER! I’ve owned a Great Dane and they are a wonderful sensitive and loving breed! Thank u God these poor dogs were discovered and rescued! Smh

  6. Sheri says:

    84 yrs in prison,⏳in Solitary confinement, prefer in dog cages from their own Death Camp Puppy Factory, rotten chicken and plenty of their very own shit ???? to eat and live in!!
    Rot in HELL????????
    Your special spot in HELL AWAITS YOU????????

  7. Don Allen says:

    Looks pretty staged to me, white walls, big dogs, none of the so called “Filth” gets on the white walls!!!!!!! Fan is in the crate so they can’t get to it and be hurt, hummm, does not add up and look at all the gullible folks falling for it.

    • al smith says:

      no kidding and look at these comments these same people would probably defend a child molester and trash people who let dogs run loose in their home .. if a mansions are “cage” then many people wish they lived in “cages’.. this is bogus..

      • Mark says:

        Hardly. Such an ignorant comment.You haven’t followed this site that long to see “these same people” wouldn’t defend child molesters and trash people who let dogs run loose in their home.

  8. animalandpeoplelover says:

    Agree with Don and Al. White walls would be dirty. HUGE mansion for the dogs. This looks like a seizure under color of law for proaganda value and $$$$$.


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