5-month-old puppy’s stomach filled with sock, plastics and strings

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A 5-month-old puppy found emaciated, shivering and hiding underneath a car and saved by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, was once again rushed to the emergency veterinarian hospital on Wednesday evening.kringle-2-starving

 “We are very concerned with his lack of energy. We made the decision to leave him there overnight to have round the clock care. He was extremely dehydrated and had no desire to do anything but sleep,” explained Jackie O’Sullivan to advocates on the organization’s Facebook page.

On Christmas Eve, while images of sugarplums danced in everyone’s heads, the emaciated five-month-old puppy hid beneath a car. All curled up along a lonely street and trying his best to stay warm, the only way he survived was scrounging around for food in dumpsters. When brought into the local shelter, advocates reached out to Rescue Dogs Rock NYC for emergency help. The puppy, whose every rib could be counted and attached to his protruding spine and hip bones, was appropriately named Kringle. Who could have imagined any dog going to the bathroom  and his stools would be full of plastic bags, clothing articles and pieces of aluminum foil?kringle-2

When rescued, Kringle weighed less than 17-pounds, and with close monitoring, x-rays of his stomach and medication, the sweet puppy who melts into anyone’s arms as soon as he is picked up, had been slowly making progress with frequent small meals. Ultrasound testing has not found the exact source of his internal bleeding, but veterinarians suspect he may have an ulcer after having ingested so many foreign objects.

“The vet techs reported that he passed a wrapper of some sort and some more string overnight, but the good news is he still has an appetite! We will update as soon as we hear the results,” stated Jackie’s update on Thursday afternoon.

To help with Kringle’s medical bills, donations can be made by clicking here. Hang in there Kringle. (Photos of 5-month-old puppy Kringle courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

Watch Kringle’s latest video prompting Jackie to rush the puppy to emergency care:

Posted by Rescue Dogs Rock NYC on Wednesday, January 4, 2017

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  1. Carole Huens says:

    Poor sweet little puppy has suffered too much. This baby is a fighter though and deserves a chance to have a healthy wonderful life and home. Praying and sharing for a complete recovery.


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