Minks at fur farm were released

30,000 animals destined to be fur set free – police search for whoever did it

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On Sunday, over 30,000 animals who were destined to become nothing more than fur pelts were set free from a farm in Minnesota. According to the New York Daily News, the authorities believe that animal-rights “radicals” may be to blame for the release of the minks.

The animals were being held at Lang Farms near Eden Valley – whoever released the mink did so under cover of darkness. Stearns County Sheriff Don Gudmundson, who is quoted in the Star Tribune, commented on the situation, “These nitwits think they are doing something good.” He explained why he is disgusted, “A large number will starve to death. They weren’t taught to hunt by their mother. Others will get run over on the road.”

There is concern that the animals, which can travel for “miles and miles,” may wreak havoc on the surrounding native wilderness area.

Lang Farms wants anyone who spots a mink to call them at 1-320-453-4750.

More news and updates at this link to National Animal News Facebook page – here. 

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24 replies
    • BA says:

      THERE CONCERNED ABOUT THEM??? Are you serious..you slaughter them, rip there fur off there bodies and alive yet your insulting “radicals” SHAME ON Lang Farms…just as inhumane, barbaric and sick as anyone who thinks wearing dead innocent animals is ok…STOP SLAUGHTERING INNOCENT ANIMALS FOR $$$$$$ BARBARIC

  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    If people would just stop wearing fur, these animals wouldn’t have been in cages – waiting to be killed for their skins. I worry for their safety and well-being, though, since they are not used to being loose and having to fend for themselves.

  2. Sheri says:

    Hmmm….so it was better to send them to a horrifying death? If I was a mink I’d rather take my chances out in the wilderness than the other choice, skinned alive and killed. Sorry, I agree with whoever did this and I wouldn’t call them “nitwits”. They chose the lesser of the two evils, to set them free.

  3. Elaine Briden says:

    Ya no….let them be free and let nature take its course. You people making money off these poor things need to be ashamed of yourself. Good on you people who let them go.

  4. Bunny Peters says:

    Hopefully these animals were not just turned loose in the woods……

    Dying of starvation, picked off by predators, run over by cars are all awful ways to die…….

    • Daniel Clarkson says:

      So you think that being skinned alive, and then having your throat slashed is a good way to die, do you? That is the way it is done in the fur industry, so as to avoid having any blood contamination of the fur. Besides the fur trade is barbaric, no matter what some people think and believe. Those poor minks should never have been separated from their mothers, then there wouldn’t have been a problem.

      • Sherry says:

        Amen to that. Sheriff Don is a redneck dumbass calling the animal rights radicals “nitwits” for thinking they are helping the mink. Surely their fate is no worse than what was planned for them where they were, you MORON>

    • Bob Spinazzola says:

      Yes, the things you mention are awful, but less so than anal electrocution which is the way these animals are killed. Why? Because it’s cheap. Many who are just badly injured by the electrocution are skinned alive while still able to feel pain. Yep, it’s a great way to make a living, n’est pas?

    • Betty says:

      What about the gas chamber You think that a nice death??pull it up on line
      They still have that in our country for the shelter animals and I seen Videos on it
      The animals don’t die easy
      You think that a good way to die Bunny
      The way I look at it they have a fighting chance out there
      Not getting their skin rip off them for some ugly people

    • Bunny Peters says:

      I am absolutely against all the manners of death you described……

      I would love to see all “shelters” become “no kill”……..

      What I was hoping for these animals was that they would be taken to an animal sanctuary (where they could learn to cope with living in the wild, on their own terms)…… vs. simply let loose in the woods where they don’t have a fair chance since they have no “coping skills”……

      • Betty says:

        I would love that too But we all know where they are going to end up after been capture
        But to the house of horror

  5. Red says:

    I somehow think their odds of being free and surviving have to be 1000 times better than be skinned alive just to pad the pockets of you MONSTER, IDIOTIC, LOUSY EXCUSE OF SKIN FURRIERS!

  6. maxiemom says:

    I really hope these people had more sense than to turn them out in the woods where they’ll starve to death and die in other horrible ways. If not, this is one of the most irresponsible things they could ever have done. Rescue means SAVE, and this wouldn’t have been that.

    Now, if idiots would stop buying fur (why the devil would you want to wear a dead animal?), this would never have happened in the first place because there would have been no animals in those cages. Oh, wait, this kind of scumbag would probably have been a puppy miller……..

  7. Francene Kilichowski says:

    GOOD. I hope the “ranch” goes out of business. WHO BUYS THESE FURS ANYWAY?!
    I am sorry for the animals in their struggle to survive but better to die free than exist to be gassed and possibly skinned alive.
    It’s a chance I would take if I were captive.

  8. Betty says:

    I’m so glad who ever did that.
    If that what it take for them to survive Sheriff Don Gudmundson, it better then getting gas to death
    Their animal instinct will come into play and they have their freedom.
    People don’t need to wear fur no more that the rich people that can do this and shame on them know that this poor animals have to go through this cruelty just so they can wear their skin.IT BELONG TO THE ANIMALS not our to be rip off their bones
    I like to shake the people hands that did this THANK YOU FOR GIVING THEM THIS CHANCE

  9. Pamela Bolton says:

    Better chances with Nature and survival than humans and certain death. Good for the people who let them out.


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