18-year-old dog with decaying teeth found wandering in Rhode Island

Treasure was rescued on Saturday; an 18-year-old dog found wandering in a Central Falls, Rhode Island backyard with decaying teeth, matted fur and large tumors. A $2,000 reward is now being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for allowing a pet to become this neglected and abused.

According to the Facebook page of the  Friends of Central Falls Animal Shelter, the dog was rushed to the Central Avenue Vet Clinic where Dr. Tuesdale and his staff stood ready to help:

“The Clinic technically was closed when I arrived but Doctor Truesdale stayed, and he began accessing (sp) the dog and giving her a desperately needed haircut! As he was working on her, her teeth were literally falling out. Her mouth wasn’t aligned, and for a few minutes he was suspicious of a broken jaw, but it turns out her teeth were bothering her so much she couldn’t close her mouth. Once they fell out, you could see she was far more comfortable. She may be as old as 16- 18 years old. She has large mammary tumors, which are more than likely caused by never being spayed,” Tia Torres described on the group’s Facebook page.

And why was she named Treasure?

“I felt it only right to give this little girl her identity right away. Everyone welcome Cf’s Treasure! One man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” stated Tia.

On Monday afternoon, Treasure was discharged from the hospital. She is now in a foster home, sponsored by Friends of Homeless Animals. If anyone would like to donate towards Treasure’s bill, you can either call the clinic directly to call in a credit card payment #508-761-8525, or you can send a check made out to William Truesdale DVM to the police station in care of animal control at 160 Illinois Street in Central Falls, RI 02863. If any money is taken in over the amount of Treasure’s bill, it will be added to the Central Falls medical account at the vet clinic to be used on the next dog or cat in need.

(Photos of 18-year-old dog via Friends of Central Falls Animal Shelter)

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Check out Treasure’s video as she slowly improves:



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