16-year-old German shepherd left behind after his owner deported

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How does a 16-year-old German shepherd wander away to roam the streets scavenging for food? Senior dogs are notoriously lazy and enjoy soft beds, delicious foods and a bit of pampering from those he has pledged his loyalty? If only that could have been the retirement for Tommy; now hidden in the back kennels of Carson Animal Care.  Tragically, the latest news states that Tommy’s owner has been deported and the dog just left behind. How difficult the separation must have been for both of them? According to Saving Carson Shelter Dogs, Tommy was found on June 22 and is available for adoption.

Check out Tommy’s Pet Harbor adoption listing here:

“My name is Tommy and I am described as a neutered male, black German Shepherd Dog and Labrador Retriever. The shelter thinks I am about 16 years old. I have been at the shelter since Jun 22, 2017. For more information about this animal, call Los Angeles County Animal Control – Carson at (310) 523-9566. Ask for information about animal ID number A4516456.”

A Facebook page can be followed here. Please share this sweet dog’s plight with approved rescue organizations, friends, family and social media contacts. Sharing saves lives. Tommy has no one else; he is depending on us – whether he has a few weeks, a few months or perhaps a few years.

(Photos and video of 16-year-old German shepherd left behind after his owner deported via Saving Carson Shelter Dogs)

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Check out his video:



35 replies
  1. ellen cottone says:

    more human and animal suffering and at the hands of trumps new dismal america.
    home of the unwanted. , land of the turned away . Country of suffering millions.

    • Debbie says:

      Don’t blame trump for someone else sneaking in this country!! We have laws for them to come here by, they chose the wrong way they should be deployed along with any family members not legal should go back also..and I’ll go a step father if you are an illegal and you have a child well it’ should NOT be an American, it’s an illegal too..because parents are!

      • Debbie says:

        But the dog should be taking care of by a recuse because it should not have to die for the owners mistake!

      • Hannah says:

        Wow, now we are calling people “it”? I’d rather trade that deported gentleman for you, a hater. I feel sorry for your children.

      • ellen cottone says:

        well debbie dont for get your ancestors came into this country the same way .
        so look at you.
        Also some people , they are people debbs,
        have been here working like your grandparents befor trump decided to change the laws.
        But its a good thing you and your hatful ignorance have little or no power here in the states. you are the minority Here as well as in the real walking world.

        trump will have his fat ass thrown to the streets in 3 some odd years if not sooner and the 2 of you loosers can have some tea. at starbucks. and you will be served by an american citizan with a heavy accent,
        And i aint talkin a new jersey one.
        Because babes, we shall over com.
        hes hated by everyone. here in america, and any other civilized country. Because thats the gist right there. The 2 of you bone heads dont deserve to be apart of the american dream.
        you are part of the american night mare. and you will never wake up.
        your pathetic.
        Your hopless.
        You make God cringe. And the rest of us here also.
        Have a nice day Deb.you are not going to adjust to the real NEW america. the one where we oust trump and ride full steam ahead and undo his greedy ignorant hatful trumping of the free world.
        your such a sucker Deb. Im embarassed for you.

      • ellen cottone says:

        so debs,
        like some laws but dont like others?
        Whats the matter? Dont like the classics? The ones that define america? The same america your ancestors crawled from their god forsaken former land of the oppressed?

        If a baby is born in a hells kitchen lower Manhattan or some back wood hillbilly shack or the ladies room at Shea stadium during the 5th inning on the 4th of July….,
        We call that
        Made in america!!
        Born in the USA,
        The great America will rise after your class of people are firmly cast aside and its been happening for quite some time.
        The america you fantasize
        about never existed and trump knows it . So why dont you?

        The america you wish would happen is not america at all. its a concentration camp. Reality Check, Debs Its the truth.
        America has always been great and always will. it takes more than a bad president to bring down the real american people.

        And as far as bring God Back!!??How dare you spread false words about God in America. He never left us and never will.
        you are not connected in anyway to the risen lord Jesus Christ and his immigrant friends and family.
        All come to look for America.
        It was here all along. you just seemed to follow the great pretender Trump/Satan.
        Now that you know . How will you be changing your evil ways? While theres still time for you.

  2. Barkley's Mom says:

    Well here is and excuse I haven’t heard before and since I don’t know how our government is handling deportation, do people have any time at all to put their affairs in order or are they just unceremoniously shipped out? Anyway Tommy got left behind, here’s hoping someone comes to save him. I will be keeping fingers and paws crossed he makes it out to a wonderful home.

    • ellen cottone says:

      no, you do not have rights you are rounded up and thrown in a van with what ever cloths are on your back you are expulsed from the country immediately . if this happens at your job you may never see your wife and children again. No lawyer, no advocate raids done in secret and no help from advocate groups. This is trumps new america. shipping the good as well as the maybe bad. what he is doing is against the law.his game is sue me in the mean time a bunch of Iranian Christians have been rounded up and will be brutally executed when they land in their country.
      Trumps new america and all the human and animal suffering caught in his cross hairs.

      • Debbie says:

        ?..I don’t think you know what your talking about! Go trump! We want God back here and we want the liberals to be quite for awhile! We have listen to them for 8 long Yrs..and now you lost and trump won and your like spoiled heathens to get your way,.well we are not standing for it now and we will fight you again in 31/2 Yrs to keep trump in and the left out of the White House!!

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Debbie, this is the problem, the “liberals” lost and the “conservatives” won, so all “liberals” should be silent and accept what is going on? I am puzzled, liberal / conservative, we should all want what is right, we ARE all AMERICANS aren’t we? This is concerning a pet being dumped because it’s owner was deported. Ok, the illegal needed to be deported but at least let them take care of their pets, It’s not Tommy’s fault his owner was illegal, why should he just be abandoned like the rest of the illegal’s possessions?

    • Carrie Ainsley says:

      From what I’ve read, they go straight into custody and do not get to go home and pack or say goodbye or allowed to do anything a civilized country would be expected to do.

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        I was pretty sure that is what is going on. Be these people illegal or not, if they are not criminals you would think our “upstanding” government would allow some compassion for people who might want to secure a place for their pets! But why do I expect anything more than this from the administration that has shown no compassion for anything but the “almighty dollar”! Yes Trump is “making America great again”! For whom I’m not sure, but I do know we are becoming the laughing stock of the world!

      • Hannah says:

        Eye roll…Trump supporters are so uneducated, and can NEVER use proper grammar or spelling. Go back to school, get an education, and then you can make some more informed comments.

      • ellen cottone says:

        No, no you got it right deb. Your opening statment.
        ” I Dont Know” because you dont. have you been shaking all this time in your white persons little hovel peeking out your window as the decades pass you get older and reclusive and notice the landscape has changed? And you feel helpless and resentful beecause youve done nothing in your life . You allowed your self to drop out of real america because you were not christian enough to evolve with the real world around you?
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        Debbs you better be careful not to be seen walking away late at night from the wrong fundraiser.
        Even trump and his family and henchmen are laughing there fat asses off at you thinking he believes in god or any church.
        Waite, You really think jesus is Ok with this man? No deb this lying cheeting woman molesting endangerd list lifting ignorant moron. You think jesus aproves of him and his actions.
        Well deb? Do You?

      • Barkley's Mom says:

        Hanna, who are you calling a “Trump supporter”? I hope you are referring to “Debbie” and not the rest of us!

  3. Carol says:

    So illegal immigrant just abandons his dog to fend for itself. What a nice person. So sad. I hope someone takes Tommy home.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      Most likely the illegal immigrant didn’t have much choice and we all know the government isn’t going to care what happens to their 16 year old pet!

    • ellen cottone says:

      Hateful, anti immigrant, white girl assumes poor soul deported himself because it is a way to shirk responsibility of a loved dependent?
      is that how you see it Carol?
      To be rounded up and flown back to a murderous country he had to escape from.
      To be separated from the life he had in the states and forced to leave his loved ones is just another bad thing an Illegal is doing?
      This is your take carol?
      You hateful, stupid, heartless Bad american you.
      This is what you see ?
      With your own 2- piggy, Hateful, crossed eyes?

      ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!?????

      • Debbie says:

        That is just the behavior God loving people are sick of! No need to comment on how you see someone who does Not agree with you! Bottom line the dog I feel sorry for! The man I do not, he should had been a legal..we are not the care taker for the illegals..

    • Ilona Brost says:

      Dear Carol, you probably have been blessed with not knowing how these things go. There is a movie “Schindler’s List”, that is very educational. It doesn’t seem to be quite the similar case for all of the Americans yet but any German will tell you that it fits like glove to our “deporting” situation here. They didn’t start right away with crematorium either. Hitler even created the new jobs for Greater Germany… That is if you consider crematorium assistant a job.
      That is how much time “these people” have to place their pets bin another home. And all of us who are not in a trump’s golf club in a line of becoming “these people” too.

      Praying and sharing hard for Tommy, and his former owners too.

      • ellen cottone says:

        My god, IIona,
        You are awesomeIt has always in present times not the home grown terrorists but the home grown Nazies who have ruined this country.
        I think people like you
        Make God stand up and
        Because you Truly speak for him, By him, As him.
        Nice work

  4. Helen says:

    I’m sorry Tommy that you were left behind. I pray a loving home will find your way. It’s very sad so many senior dogs are homeless.

  5. Jacinta says:

    Senior pets are dumped everywhere unfortunately, but it seems so much more prevalent at this Carson shelter.
    Please get the links right.
    This who don’t know, you can type the animal’s ID # on Facebook search bar to find a thread to share. Since these stories often mess the link up but thank you for writing something for exposure.


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