Zacko left to starve found comfort on owner’s laundry before he died

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A one-year-old puppy named Zacko died a slow, agonizing death as he weakly crawled upon his owner’s laundry for comfort after having been left to starve to death in an empty apartment in Filton, Bristol, South Gloucestershire.  According to the Mirror, the dog’s owner had been sent to prison, and the woman never told anyone she left the Staffordshire terrier, Zacko alone.

The dog was found lying on  Gemma Bennie’s clothes where he died. In January, Bennie, 26, was sent to jail; no one knew Zacko had been left alone. No one had a key to the woman’s apartment, and it wasn’t until a neighbor reported a fly infestation that the RSPCA investigated. Inspector Miranda  Albinson commented about the disturbing and heartbreaking discovery:

 “Who knows how long it took this poor dog to die alone in that flat. We can’t know whether it was starvation or dehydration which finally caused his death, but it is clear he would have suffered. I found him curled up in his owner’s clothes on the bed. He must have gone there for comfort. It was a haunting sight – one of the saddest things I have ever seen.”

Inspector Albinson continued stating had Bennie just informed someone, Zacko would still be alive today.

“His suffering was just so unnecessary. No-one else had keys, and no-one knew he was there. Simply just sharing this information with a reliable person would have saved his life and saved the lonely, prolonged death that we can only suppose he had.”

Bennie was sentenced to 17 more weeks in jail and has been banned for life from ever owning any companion animals. Rest in peace Zacko.

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13 replies
  1. Brenda Edge says:

    Thats horrible ,there is no excuse for this ,that is just plain cruel and heartless ,anyone can feed something ,this person that did this to this poor helpless baby should be locked up and starved no food no water ,until she dies ,same thing this poor dog went through ,whatever they do to the helpless dog needs to be done to them ,if this would happen ,these mean heartless people would soon stop their evil deeds because they sure wouldn’t want that done to them ,I swear I hate people like this ,they do not deserve to live and sure don’t deserve to be allowed to put food in their big fat ugly month ,the devils

  2. Cynthia says:

    So heartbreaking… Couldn’t believe why many sickos people do heartless act to their pets when they only want love and care from their owners. Let Let Karma hunt Gemma Bennie for life.

  3. Judy says:

    I just continue (sadly) to shake my head in disbelief every single day at the horrors we humans perpetrate on animals and I am at a loss to understand how you could do something like this to an animal who is dependent on you – I have 9 cats and would go without food myself rather than see them hungry – RIP beautiful boy – Gemma Bennie you are nothing more than a murderer – I hope your dog’s unnecessary death haunts you every single day and you have a shite life

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    I will never understand this! Someone goes to jail, leaves their dog to fend for it’s self and no one hears barking, the landlord doesn’t wonder where the rent check is and hasn’t got a key to the apartment? You would think someone one would have known about the dog! I hope this POS rots in jail, leaving your dog like this is beyond cruel!

  5. Laurelei says:

    That filthy scumbag. I can only pray that karma does her job. Precious sweet little angel, you suffered so terribly- I wish you had been mine and we could have enjoyed your life together….. fly little angel on your new wings.

  6. cynthia seering says:



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