Young puppy left in car on 90-degree day

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Thanks to an observant passerby, and the help of police officers in Merriam, Kansas, a young puppy, estimated to be just one-month-old, was saved from a parked vehicle on a sweltering hot day. On July 11, the Merriam Police Department uploaded video of the rescue effort, which took place on Monday in the parking lot of a home improvement store.

The tiny puppy was first spotted by Scott Poore, who works with an area animal shelter. Poore used his cell phone to capture video of what was taking place – he noted that he had reached out to the police for help, but would be breaking out one of the vehicle’s windows if help did not arrive in time, reported WTSP News.

Screenshot (736)Responding officers were able to use a tool to open a door to the SUV and the young pup, who was being held inside of a milk crate, was removed and quickly wrapped in a cool towel and offered water. The owner of the puppy returned to her vehicle to find an angry group of spectators – she too, was angry and according to Poore, she yelled at the police officers who were saving her puppy from the vehicle’s hot interior.

Though it was in the 90s on the day of the rescue, and over 100 degrees inside of the vehicle, the puppy suffered no long-term injury. The puppy’s owner, whose name has not been released, was cited, but retained custody of her pup.

(Photos, screenshots via WTSP News/Inside edition/Scott Poore)


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  1. It should have cost her at least a busted window to get to keep the pup. I hope a lesson learned? Heaven help that sweet pup. I hope the child will never forget the concern of the angry crowd. May she grow up with a greater understanding of the value of life.

  2. Why was the puppy returned to the brainless owner I just hope the brainless owner has learnt there lesson (which I doubt very much)

  3. What a stupid idiot! She should be locked in her car in the heat. My help her think, if there’s a brain there. Hope she’s brought charged.

  4. Wait?!
    infant pup was returned to neglectful owner after failing baby dying in hot car test?
    So she can finish the job?
    Neglect the mosr hidden slower more painful form of abuse.
    can someone get this dog out of harms way?
    it can be chipped, registered and monitored since it is already documented as an abuse victum.

  5. I agree with the comments that the pup should not have been returned to the owner. By law though, who has the right to refuse the return to the owner? No police entry was made and no one pressed charges I presume. So the poor mutt went back to the owner.

  6. Someone this egnorant doesnt deserve an animal period…. she makes me sick that she can be that STUPID. It’s been posted, it’s been on the news , people are always taking about it and, just plain common sense is that no one should ever leave their pets or babies in a car Espiecally when its hot out. I just dont get some people anymore, is it that, they dont give a shit or they have no sense. WERNT they taught anything, dont they hear what people say. I wonder if she will even have the sense to feed it or give it water. Like i said, she proved she’s UNFIT WITH NO COMMON SENSE…., they should have NEVER gave that puppy back to her……

  7. I agree if it would of been a child the parent would of been at least charged with abuse why different for animal? They should of not returned the dog ay least slapped her with a fine.

    • Unfortunately we don’t have tough enough laws to protect the animals. I would not be surprised if the day comes that parents will get their children back after abusing them too.

  8. I can only pray to help this puppy and all the others and all animals everywhere. I can’t watch the video. I only caught a glimpse of it. It’s so heartbreaking that this happens.


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