Young dog burned alive

Young dog suffers horrific death – burned alive by her owner

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A young dog, just a year of age, suffered a horrific death when she was doused with accelerant and lit on fire by her owner on Tuesday night. According to Fox 2 Detroit News, the cruel incident took place in the backyard of a residence in River Rouge, Michigan.

Horrified neighbors reached out to report the crime to the authorities, who arrived to the home on East James Street and arrested a 27-year-old man. The man, whose name has not been released, was said to be upset at the young Shih-Tzu, named “Brandy,” because she bit a child.

The man’s fiancée told reporters that her boyfriend suffered from mental issues and that he was off his medication. The woman stated that the man is an animal lover, but noted that he “snapped” for a split second when he tortured and killed the dog. The woman told WXYZ News, “He’s been dealing with mental issues, illnesses for years now and he just recently had a recent death in his family. So he has been trying to cope with that also. And been trying to get his medication at the same time.”

The man was arrested and taken to jail – charges are pending as the Wayne County Prosecutor reviews the details of the incident.

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  1. Karen Fabregas says:

    . This Scum needs the same done to him. I do not care about his mental health! Be a man. Deal with it everyone has issues we do not take it out on a innocent being. Plus if that was the case the poor dog should have been removed long before this TRAGEDY . Poor little dog. YOU FAILED THAT LITTLE SOUL! SHAME ON YOU !

  2. zorka kelly says:

    and still the court system shall say,” don’t do this again”, I have no regard for what the judge shall deem upon this act, this is tragic and words fail me…., where is justice????

  3. Mary Hall says:

    No excuses he needs to be punished . What if he had hurt a child because of his issues as his failing to take his medication he needs to be responsible and take his Meds this horrific act is a consequence of his irresponsibility and he needs to know that this is his fault and he must be punished

  4. edward says:

    Another POS taking the back of your shirt and put a bullet through his f****** head how could you possibly make an excuse to burn your dog alive you f****** piece of garbage rest in peace buddy I am so sorry for you to be owned by a piece of garbage like that but karma’s a b**** and she’ll get them don’t worry

  5. Francene Kilichowski says:

    Let’s see….. when will he be off meds and burn the gf for being late making dinner. Or burn the child for vomiting on the floor.
    Lock the sonofabitch up and never allow him in society.
    He’s a loaded gun.

  6. Darla says:

    I agree with the other comments….if he had done this to a child, they wouldn’t be making excuses for him about being off his meds, a lot going on in his life, blah blah blah. It’s always the lame “it’s just a dog” as their way to justify it. We all have “issues” but we don’t set a dog on fire. RIP Brandy. I’m sorry you suffered. (I also would bet money that the child that Brandy bit did something to Brandy to deserve the bite.)

  7. Carolyn Smith says:

    What if a neighbor’s child or family member (child) had bitten the child? His response would probably be “that’s a child”. If so, then he could have self control with that poor little innocent dog despite mental illness. If not, then he’s a threat to children too. I feel for that little dog. I can’t express publicly how I feel about him. It would not be printed. They are really bad feelings.

  8. Louise Quan says:

    Don’t care if he has mental issues this is just a way to justify what he did. Hope he gets sent up the river for life

  9. Barkley's Mom says:

    The man’s fiancée is good at making excuses for this POS. What does she think will happen when he “snaps” and does something to her or the child. No doubt the child that was bitten was doing something to the dog to provoke the action! If he has mental problems this bad and doesn’t want to take his meds then he doesn’t belong in society among people! Wake up “fiancee” you can do better than this, run before he sets you on fire!

  10. Deborah J. says:

    MAKE IT HAPPEN! Put this stupid, cruel bastard in jail for a very long time. I don’t care about his mental issues. I want that bastard in prison. He burned a dog alive and watched as the dog screamed for mercy. This bastard did not care. Please, take time out of your day to put this bastard in prison. I want justice for this dog who screamed in pain. Don’t let the bastard get away with it.

  11. Elaine says:

    So…if he is off his meds…and he did this to a very small dog, what is going to stop him from doing the same thing to a child?

  12. yvonne williams says:

    these people know right from wrong he should be locked up he is not safe to be around people where is justice for the dog he did not deserve to die a horrific death like that what is wrong with the judge ban him from ever having animals

  13. Sharon E Rouse says:

    I definitely think he needs to serve time behind bars for what he did. The horror is unbelievable that someone could do this to a helpless animal. He s a sick sorry person.

  14. Brenda Minarik says:

    Is there a cage that we can put these two in obviously they are both a few screws loose there hello hold responsible for crime throw book ???? at both sick ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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