Woman videoed beating her dog with broomstick handle

In Brockton, Massachusetts a woman faces animal cruelty charges after a video of a woman beating her dog with a broomstick handle was posted on social media Thursday morning. The woman is seen screaming at her dog and repeatedly striking the terrified animal with a broomstick. According to the Enterprise, both police and the Brockton Animal Control departments have filed papers to charge Angelica Santosuosso with animal cruelty.

The video, which was posted and since deleted on Facebook, shows Santosuosso, 32, screaming at her pit bull named Bella. The dog was seen cowering under the kitchen table as Santosuosso hit the broomstick against the floor. Bella quickly flees into the living room and then runs back underneath the table, urinating on the floor from fright, as Santosuosso is seen striking the terrified dog hard twice with the handle of the broom. The dog cries out and runs out of the room. The woman screams one more time as the video ends.

Brockton Animal Control Supervisor was very concerned that Santosuosso had been tormenting the dog, and from the way Bella acted and ran, it most likely was not the first time the dog was assaulted.

The video was removed from Facebook, and it has since been reported the disturbing cruel treatment dates back to August when the woman’s uncle taped the incident while he had been living with Santosuosso. Bella was rehomed shortly after the video by Santosuosso, and when authorities checked on the dog, it was determined she was fine and happy.

Why the incident was just reported this morning is unclear, but if found guilty of animal cruelty, Santosuosso faces up to seven years in prison or a $5,000 fine. If only judges would carry out the maximum sentences, it would certainly send the message that animal cruelty will not be tolerated.

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(Photo of woman videoed beating her dog screenshot from Enterprise)

  1. maxiemom
    maxiemom says:

    B***h!!! Why does scum like that always get helpless pets to torture? Buy some pillows, or better yet, put your useless hands through a wall! If we’re all lucky, you’ll break your hand and maybe learn a lesson at the same time….

  2. Syl Mill
    Syl Mill says:

    Is that bitch smiling? What does she think it’s a selfie…no it’s a mugshot b*tch..I hope someone sticks a broomstick up your ass and turns you into a popsicle stick..nasty b*tch…glad they were ignorant enough to film it and post it…

    • Nancy Raymond
      Nancy Raymond says:

      O Michelle Taylor – you took the words right out of my mouth – I would love to do some damage to this female hunk of sewer slime.


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