Woman uses stun gun to curb neighbor’s dog from barking

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A Key West, Florida woman faces animal cruelty charges after authorities allege she used a stun gun to curb her neighbor’s dogs from barking. According to the Charlotte Observer, Shirlee Hiller has been charged with misdemeanor animal cruelty.

On November 4, Hiller had been yelling at her neighbor’s pit bull after the dog started to bark when he heard noise and activity at a Kmart loading area located directly behind where the dog lived. The dog’s owner, Permelia Smith told police that seconds after her dog started to bark, she heard a “bug zapping noise” and when she looked outside, she was horrified to see her dog “going nuts” as the dog bounced against the six-foot fence while Hiller jabbed a long black electrified stick, thought to be a stun gun, through a hole.

“The dog had blisters, bumps and redness on the inside of his legs, hips and groin consistent with being exposed to an electric weapon,” wrote the responding police officer when he arrived at the home located on Patterson Avenue.

Hiller, 53, denies she stunned the dog and contends she only threatened her neighbor. The black and white friendly dog was treated at the Florida Keys SPCA and does not have any permanent injuries. Authorities found a black cane “electric weapon” in Hiller’s home. If found guilty of animal cruelty, the defendant faces  up to one year in jail and/or a $5,000 fine. Hiller posted a $1,500 bond after she had been booked into the county jail.

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(Photo of  Hiller mug shot)




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  1. send her cruel backside to jail, the mere fact they found a black cane “electric weapon” shows she intended to use it. what a nasty peice of work! Fine her huge amounts and send her backside to jail!

  2. Why only $1500? That evil b***h will still be living next door to her victim and the victim’s owner, where she will be able to do more damage, harass, or heaven knows what! How safe will that woman feel with a crazy b***h next door, ready to inflict pain upon her dog the moment the dog starts to bark? I hope she gets the absolute maximum sentence.

  3. What she did was cruel. But barking dogs can drive you to a “crazy place”. Since the owner was home, she should have corrected her dog and brought him in. Although, it doesn’t sound like there was much time between the starting of the barking and the zap. It leads me to believe this dog is a habitual barker. If you have a dog that constantly barks, it needs to be addressed. Keep them safe.

  4. You stupid b**** we have to put that up you f****** c*** that f****** little too and yep you’re f****** the membrane that your f****** mother miserable body m***********

  5. Shirlee Hiller – You are so very lucky I do not live in Key West – you would not be able to walk for weeks. You are one nasty piece of work that I would love to get my hands on.


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