Woman stabbed while trying to protect dog from abuse

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According to Tuesday’s publication of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, a woman was stabbed while trying to protect her dog from her abusive roommate in St. Charles County, Missouri. The man accused of the violent behavior has been identified as 31-year-old Corey Daniel Shipley.

Shipley allegedly attacked a 12-year-old boxer named Maxy with a switchblade on Sunday. When the dog’s owner tried to intervene, Shipley is accused of lashing out and striking her with the knife as well. Shipley claimed that the dog had bitten him, but responding St. Charles County officers found no evidence that the man’s claim was true.

Maxy was injured in the attack, but not seriously. According to the authorities, the dog sustained several puncture wounds but is expected to recover. Maxy’s owner received a minor injury to her arm, and her car was damaged with Shipley slashed the seats.

The incident resulted in Shipley being taken to St. Charles County jail with a slew of charges, including second-degree domestic assault, animal abuse and second degree property damage.


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