Woman shot while police kill dog on California beach

Woman shot after dog shot in California
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On Friday, a woman was shot in the leg when police at Venice Beach, California shot and killed a man’s dog. According to NBC Los Angeles News, the woman, a tourist, was shot in the leg after a bullet passed through the dog’s body.

The trouble began after police officers patrolling the area stopped to talk to a group of people on Saturday afternoon…a witness told NBC Los Angeles that the dog became agitated when an officer attempted to arrest the dog’s owner. According to the Los Angeles Police Department, the officer was bitten by the dog, a pit bull mix, just before the fatal shot was fired.

Dog fatally shot by police officer

The woman who was struck by the bullet was taken to an area hospital with a non-life threatening injury. The officer who shot the dog has been assigned to non-field duties while the situation is investigated, reported KTLA News.

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  1. F****** cock a****** should never ever be on the 4th of any type of police department ever and his f******fe you should have shot himself in the f****** head the dirtbag horse f****** story I heard about a cop a f****** retarded and them to really can maybe

  2. Bastard! Why kill the dog? Perhaps these goons need to learn some human compassion, because anyone with a lick of common sense or compassion would understand why the dog reacted as he did, and certainly would not kill him for it.

  3. Anyone with a lick of sense would know a dog would react this way, why didn’t they just tell the guy to control his dog. Now an innocent woman has been shot because of some gun happy officer! Will they ever learn some other way to handle dogs, must it always end in shooting and killing them?

  4. The dog was only doing its job! This is completely unfair!!!!!!! That dog paid with its life doing what it was supposed to do, protect the person it loved the most! The fact that they didn’t even give it a chance makes me livid! ? RIP Sweet Angel Dog.


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