Woman desperate to find dog stolen in car-jacking incident

Dog stolen in car-jacking incident
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A woman is desperate to find her beloved dog, “Layla,” who was stolen in a car-jacking incident in Tacoma, Washington, on Sunday evening. According to KIRO 7 News,  Ive Elske had just dropped off her brother at Dawson’s Bar and Grill on Sunday evening when a man with a gun reached through an open window to her Hyundai Santa Fe SUV.

A struggled ensued and though Elske successfully knocked the gun out of the man’s hands, he was able to drive away with her car…Layla, a Pug-terrier mix, was still inside.

Elske, who is six months pregnant, recently moved to the area from Arizona – she is hoping that someone will find her beloved dog and that they can be reunited.


The vehicle stolen was a 2008 Silver Hyundai Santa Fe – the vehicle has an Arizona Cancer Survivor plate, #BMW 6510.

Anyone who spots the stolen vehicle, or the missing dog, is asked to call the Tacoma Police Department.

(Photos/screenshots via KIRO 7 News)

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