Woman charged with animal cruelty after 5 puppies found dead

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In Greenville, North Carolina, authorities made a grizzly discovery after a witness reported a dead puppy in the backyard of a South Washington Street home, reports WnctNews. Cynthia Eatte Tyson

On July 27, officers initially found the decomposing body of one puppy and an emaciated mother dog. As they entered  the backyard there were three more dead puppies. The owner of the dogs could not be found at the time.  In a press release on Monday, the Greenville Police Department stated the owner of the dogs, Cynthia Eatte Tyson, 45, was charged with five felony counts of animal cruelty and one misdemeanor animal cruelty on August 17.

The mother dog and the only surviving puppy were extremely undernourished and described by Animal Control personnel as having no “discernible body fat, abdominal tuck and hour glass shape and all bony prominences evident from a distance.” The mother dog and her puppy had not been fed in an extended period of time.

“This was an urgent situation that justified an assertive response to protect the surviving animals. The surviving dogs were removed and taken to a veterinarian for emergency treatment. Both were heavily infested with hookworms, and the puppy succumbed to the infestation and did not make it through the night,” stated the press release.

The friendly mother dog, dubbed “Baby” by Animal Protective Services officers, is reported to be doing well. If interested in providing for her care, please contact the Greenville Animal Protective Services at 252-329-4387. She is in need of a loving home and is available for adoption.Cynthia Eatte Tyson dogs

Tyson was arrested and booked into the Pitt County Detention Center under an $11,000 secured bond.

(Photos via Greenville Animal Protective Services Facebook)

5 replies
  1. Darla says:

    Take a look at that face….she sure as heck didn’t miss any meals – I say to let her starve to death and see how it feels. RIP to the precious puppies who should have had a wonderful full life ahead of them. I hope Baby can find a great home.

  2. Star Shelley says:

    My hearts,just broke in two. Why do these people even have animals and be so cruel. Karma,lady, hope you stave to death and see what it feels like. Rest in peace sweet babies, you are save now from this so call human.

  3. maxiemom says:

    Just two less filet of fish or Big Macs and orange drinks a week and she could have fed her dog. Why not make the sacrifice? Because scum like her never would think of doing such a thing! Lock her up and throw away the key! If she’s out on the street, she’ll only do it again.


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