Woman banned from keeping horses after seen on skeletal racehorse

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A 22-year-old woman from Kidderminster, Worcestershire, England has been banned for ten years from keeping horses after she posted photos on social media of her riding a skeletal racehorse.charlotte-mcpherson-2

According to the AngleNews, Charlotte McPherson was reported last March to the RSPCA after irate animal advocates photographed her riding a skeletal horse at a public event. The malnourished Thoroughbred named Thor’s bony hindquarters had been hidden from view with a heavy blanket.

On Monday, McPherson pleaded guilty to two counts of animal cruelty at Birmingham Magistrate’s Court. She had been charged with causing unnecessary suffering by failing to investigate the cause of the horse’s emaciated condition, failing to protect him from pain and suffering and injury by riding the horse in such poor condition. During the time, McPherson had the horse, she continued to ride him in that emaciated condition at least twice a week.charlotte-mcpherson-3

“Not only was he thin, but he had a sore on his spine which was underneath the saddle,” reported RSPCA Inspector Suzi Smith. “Thor would have been in a lot of pain while he was being ridden.”

In addition to the ten year ban on keeping a horse, McPherson was also sentenced to a year of community service, 160 hours of unpaid work and several fines including victim surcharges. Thor has since been rehabilitated and adopted and is reported to be living a wonderful life.

(Photos of skeletal racehorse via Caters and RSPCA screenshots)

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  1. This is horrific cruelty to the poor horse. I’m surprised that it happened in the UK which I thought was an animal loving nation.

  2. You see how chunky SHE looks, apparently she KNOWS it’s important to eat. Yet, she starves an innocent animal, then posts a picture with a big grin. She ought to be starved until skin and bones, put her on her hands and knees and ride her ass until she drops. Sub-human, selfish maggot doesn’t deserve to breathe the same air as us. Period!

  3. Yet look at her fat bloated ugly face!!!! She has not denied herself food!!!! She she never be allowed to own an animal again!!!


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