Woman arrested after dog found chained inside of hot car

Woman arrested after chained dog found in car
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A 21-year-old woman has been arrested after police in Boynton Beach, Florida, found a dog chained inside of her parked vehicle on Tuesday. According to Local 10 News, someone staying at the Inn at Boynton Beach noticed the distressed young dog inside of a car parked at the hotel; witnesses claim that the dog was inside of the car for over an hour.

Authorities responded to the call and found the dog inside of the locked vehicle, with no windows cracked. The chained dog was panting and exhibiting signs of distress from the heat so an officer broke out a rear window to the vehicle in order to remove the dog.

The dog with the heavy chain was not the only animal discovered inside of the car – officers also found a live rabbit inside of a sealed box. The woman identified as being responsible for the cruel incident is identified as Beatrice Turner.

Chained dog rescued

When confronted about the concerning situation, Turner told the authorities that she did not see anything wrong with leaving the animals locked inside of the hot car and stated that, “the dog is fine in the car.” The police did not agree with her however, and she was arrested on two counts of animal cruelty; Turner was taken to Palm Beach County jail.

According to the Boyton Beach Police Department, the heavy chain was removed from the dog’s neck by the Boyton Beach Fire Department – the dog, and the rabbit, were taken to the PB County Animal Control.


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  1. She has crazy eyes! Let’s see…. Pit bull type dog on a HEAVY CHAIN. Rabbit in a box. Sounds like a GD dog fighter / participant to me. If so, needs to be hanged.

    • I hope they looked a little closer at her after they got the animals to safety. Sure looks like there was an evil plan in the works.

  2. What does a stupid b**** have a chain made for a buck an aircraft carrier or a submarine or a f****** Battleship for an anchor on that board dogs neck take the b**** and put a chain around her f****** that can tie her to the back of the car and take the f*** off

  3. Really? How abput you chain her down in a closed up hot building, four by four, lets see how she likes it. I would not see a thing wrong with that

  4. Thank god someone called about the dog only to find a rabbit also. Why do people get pets if they’re not going to take care of them. Wtf

  5. Piece of shit, she looks like she is on drugs. Glad they found this Pittie in time before he died, or she fought him. why else would this piece of shit, have a chain that big on a Pittie? NASTY BITCH, GO TO JAIL AND DIE IN THERE.

  6. I agree w/u guys something hinky happening here
    The freaky girls all tweaky look @ her fkr up eyes. Crazy ass bitch! B4 I rescued my guy he wore a chain exactly like she had on this poor guy. My dogs chain 4’7″ long, spent his first 5 yrs of life on it 24/7-365. A small black lb weighng 33 lbs. he couldn’t stand or hold his head up. While worthless fks like this bitch walked by him 5 YEARS eating there fast food, drinking the cheap ass beer. But walk by w/o a care. This fraky eyed ignorant bitch and all like her..You hold ur beer, stuff ur ugly face… But if I had my way I’d have each of you.. like this thing here and ever pos that could have helped my boy but didn’t including deputies and the punk sheriff himself ( ain’t missed a meal in his life) Give me that chain, your sorry ass and 3 minutes. Then maybe I could look at my guy and all the other precious souls w/o wanting to bawl and make you freaks pay for what you’ve done. Its got to stop!

    • Thank God!! I hope he lives a long, loving life! As for her, may she rot in hell one day….with a chain around her neck that is 100 sizes too big and heavy!!!


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