Woman arrested after dog falls from roof

Woman arrested after her dog falls off of building roof and dies

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On Thursday, an Albany, New York, woman was arrested after her dog either fell, or jumped, from a the roof of her apartment building and died. According to News Channel 13, the horrific incident took place on November 7 when 47-year-old Bin Cheng failed to latch a gate leading to the roof of the four-story Columbia Street building.

The dog, a Jack Russell terrier named “Buddy,” typically used the rooftop to relieve himself – but his owners have stated that he was only allowed in the roof area with supervision. According to News 10, Cheng had been warned “multiple times” in the past to keep her dog off of the building’s roof.

The incident which claimed Buddy’s life has resulted in Cheng facing a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge. Cheng’s husband, Bob Port, is upset that his wife is facing a cruelty charge, insisting that it was simply an accident. He also worries that the charge could impact his wife’s efforts to get her United States citizenship (she is from China).

(Photo screenshot via News 13)

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  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    What if a toddler had gone through the gate and had the same thing happen to them? There’s NO excuse for this. We have gates across our driveway, and even if nobody has pulled a car in or out of our garage, I still check to be sure the gate is secure before letting my dogs out in the yard. I did the same when my girls were young and played in the yard. It only takes one time….

  2. Melanie says:

    Well she was careless, and now the dog is dead..especially if she was warned not to take the dog uo to the roof..being lazy and not wanting to walk the dog..is no excuse.. Yeah she is responsible..

  3. Me' says:

    Oh really? Worried she can’t get her papers? Kick her out of the country and hubby you can go with her. Leave your papers at the border. This was a senseless death. You were warned in the past but the dogs life did not matter.

  4. Dave says:

    She was warned multiple times yet didn’t seem to care. You’re worried that it will impact her efforts to get citizenship? Good. Buddy I’m sure is real concerned. Oh wait.

  5. Anita Santiago says:

    Her husband is upset because it was an accident and it could mess up her becoming a citizen??! REALLY!!!! They were warned multiple times that it was dangerous. Which means this happened MULTIPLE TIMES. This dog LOST HIS LIFE because of their stupidity. Who lets their dog run on the roof anyway. I’ll tell you who–STUPID PEOPLE. Send her back-I have a hard enough time dealing with stupid people already. I usually wouldn’t say that cuz I’m all for people doing the right thing and being legal here,
    But really, do we need to allow 1 more stupid person here. They’re just going to end up having a child that they’ll teach to be just as stupid. Perhaps we could do a spay and neuter on them!!! Bad breeding leads to other bad issues!!!
    I’m sorry, but I’m tired of folks being shocked by common sense!!!

  6. Ivey says:

    That’s really too bad. If she had heeded previous warnings to keep her dog safe, there wouldn’t be a Citizenship issue…..AND the poor dog would still be alive!! ☹️☹️ She should learn that there are consequences to every decision she makes. Both small and large…this just happens to be large. She deserves punishment.

  7. Bunny Peters says:

    This pos deserves a felony charge. The tragedy was entirely foreseeable and preventable……

    If she has trouble with her citizenship application……. too bad……. no sympathy from me…….

    The furbaby is the only one who deserves sympathy……

  8. Edward says:

    No problem throw the b**** off the roof and don’t worry about her having immigration problems inter stupid husband threw him off of the roof too no excuse for that that’s murder in the first degree sorry buddy like an a****** for another question please

  9. pennysdachshund says:

    Actually His Wife should be deported back to the Dog Eating Country She comes from!! Why would she totally ignore multipal warnings and Risk the like of our little dog because she is too damn lazy to have taken him on a walk and pick up after him!!! She needs to go back to her dog eating country!!!

    • Janice neqman says:

      I totally agree with everything you’ve said but let me clear up one thing. I saw yesterday a woman from China rescued 20 dogs from dog meat trade and brought to the US. She said it is not all of China that is for dog meat trade. It is the older generation. The younger Chinese keeps them as pets. Just wanted to clear that up. Of course it’s up to you if you want to believe it but she did rescue the dogs. I know there are a lot more.

      • Bunny Peters says:

        Not all Chinese people hate dogs or eat dogs

        I have Chinese relatives who have dogs as pets. Their dogs are loved as members of the family.

        These same relatives have rescued and helped rehome dogs.

      • Catherine Staffy says:

        I agree with you Janice. Thankfully there are Chinese activists who work tirelessly to save the poor unfortunate animals in China from the meat industry. Unfortunately it is rife. As you mentioned not all Chinese are bad people… China is a country of billions. As you say the majority of people involved in the slaughter of these poor dogs are usually older in age… from rural districts and probably uneducated. Generally though, it is not in the Chinese psyche to like animals. Dog meat abuse goes on in other parts of Asia too, unfortunately. Even young medical students experiment on animals 🙁

  10. Barkley's Mom says:

    If I were the owner of the building I wouldn’t be too happy about someone letting their dog “relieve” themselves on the roof of my building in the first place let alone how dangerous it is, supervised or not! She needs to be charged for her negligence! If her husband is so concerned about her being charged may be he should have used some common sense and made sure she kept Buddy safe.

  11. Roselyne CORNETTE says:

    Quand on a un animal et que l’on a pas de jardin, on l’emmène au parc, on ne le met pas sur un toit. Elle doit payer son irresponsabilité. Que justice soit faite. Pas de pitié. Le pauvre loulou en a perdu la vie.

  12. Michele Conte says:

    Her husband calls this “an accident”? That dim-witted woman totally caused the death of that innocent dog. She CHOSE to not supervise her dog on a rooftop that had no boundaries to keep him from falling or jumping off because she was too lazy to walk him, or even to stay on the roof with him to see that he did not approach the edges. An accident is an unfortunate occurrence despite a person being cautious and diligent to danger. That poor dog is dead directly because of her laziness, stupidity and irresponsibility. She should be penalized for cruelty and neglect.


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