Dog swept away

Woman agonizes over dog who was swept away

A woman is agonizing over the tragic, and unexpected, death of her dog who died after being swept away into an uncovered flood gate in Newport Beach, California. According to Sunday’s CBS Los Angeles, last week Madi McNaughton was enjoying a day out with her three-year-old dog Rupert when the unthinkable happened.

On Thursday morning, Rupert, a 150-pound Mastiff mix, was swept away by a wave that pushed him directly into harm’s way. McNaughton recounted the events leading up to the tragic accident on Facebook:

I threw Rupert’s ball for him, not realizing that it would be the last time I ever got to play ball with my baby…. As he went out to get it a wave of high tide came in and next thing I knew I saw him getting swept towards the drain that you see in the video. Not even thinking I dropped everything I had and jumped in trying to reach him.

McNaughton was scraped and cut in her effort to save Rupert’s life – tragically, her efforts were not successful and now she is agonizing over the loss of her beloved pet. She described the moment that she knew Rupert was lost:

I reached Rupert right as he was getting pulled into the drain, I had my one hand on his collar and the other gripping the wall above me trying my hardest to hold on to him but I couldn’t do it… At this point water was rushing over my head and my grip on the wall was slipping and I had no choice but to let my baby go knowing that I’d probably never see him again.

Following Rupert’s death, there is a push to get warning signs in the area, and for officials to cover the open flood gate area.

(photo via Facebook)

  1. Barkley's Mom
    Barkley's Mom says:

    I can’t imagine the horror this poor woman went through, trying to save her precious boy and ultimately losing him like this. Why isn’t a flood gate like that covered with some sort of screen? Condolences, my heart goes out to Ms McNaughton, and her loss of Ruperti!


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