Washington firefighter to get his dog back from adopters

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14100256_277731229273727_8620464458837048042_nA firefighter from Battleground, Washington, is going to be reunited with his dog, Hunter, who was adopted out to another family earlier this month. The black Labrador retriever mix belongs to William Jones, who left his dog with a friend while he left the area to fight a wildfire.

During Jones’ time away, Hunter escaped from a fenced yard at his pet sitter’s home and he was subsequently picked up as a stray – the dog was taken to the Humane Society for Southwest Washington where he was held for the mandatory “stray hold” time before being adopted out to a new family.

Upon returning from fighting the wildfire, Jones learned that his dog had escaped from his friend’s yard. Jones reached out to the Humane Society and learned that his pet, who unfortunately arrived to the shelter without any form of identification, had been adopted to a new family.

Initially, the family who adopted Hunter refused to return Hunter to his original owner – but the family has since had a change of heart. On Sunday, the Humane Society for Southwest Washington updated Facebook followers with the news:

Hunter has been returned to the Humane Society by his adoptive family. They asked us to share with our FB friends that they are deeply saddened, but understand that William needs his dog.

We are in contact with William and his family, and they will be reunited with Hunter as soon as William can get off the fire he is currently fighting.

A full recount of Hunter’s situation can be found at this newly created Facebook page.

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    I don’t think much of people who adopt a dog and find out later the dog belongs to someone else and then get on their high horse and don’t want to give the dog back. It’s a different story if the dog belonged to someone who had abused the dog, but in this case Hunter belongs to a hero and the man deserves to have his dog back. I do hope Mr Jones figures out a way to keep Hunter contained while he is away. And to the people who adopted him, there are many more homeless dogs in the shelters that don’t belong to someone else and one of them deserves a home.

  2. edward says:

    Jones. I am glad you got hunter.b Ack he is awesome. For pet sitter shoot him or her if i loose .y dog i have 6. I do not ever give up until i find them. Period.

    • kat says:

      Oh come on, they had the dog for what, 2 weeks? What kind of people refuse to return a dog when the devastated owner comes back, after just 2 weeks? Give me a break.

  3. Penny's Dachshund says:

    I am sure it was hard for the new owners to relinquish Hunter as they MAY WELL be concerned over his safety while his owner is out fighting fires!!! I admire that THY had the HEART and SOUL to do so!!! Maybe they can keep in touch with Hunter… May they find another deserving dog who NEEDS a good home to SAVE it’s LIFE!!! They sound like wonderful , caring , and concerned people who DESERVE to have another change at obtaining A LOVING DOG IN NEED!!!!


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