Viral video catches woman throwing a cat off third-floor balcony

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In Newark, New Jersey, a woman has been charged with animal cruelty and assault on Saturday after a disturbing viral video caught her throwing a cat off a third-floor balcony. According to, Tikeemah J. Lassiter, 19, had been visiting relatives at the 300 block of South Orange Avenue on Thursday when she picked up the cat and tossed it off the balcony.

A witness recorded the egregious situation of the woman throwing a cat and posted the video on social media immediately causing outrage among readers and animal advocates. A “call to action” was soon posted on Facebook asking everyone to share the video to expose the person responsible for the heinous deed.

“Call to ACTION!!! (graphic video of girl throwing kitten over balcony for fun) Share to make this video go VIRAL!
We need to expose who is responsible & report them to police-#Newark#NJ
Newark, New Jersey Police Department
Via Michele Symmons Goldberg
Please help find this girl and have her be held accountable- her name is (allegedly) Tikee Gee and she lives in #Newark.”

In the video, the cat can be seen landing on the concrete sidewalk below. The defenseless animal is so shocked (and possibly injured) she didn’t move from the spot. Laughter could be heard in the background as Lassiter allegedly tossed the cat.

The cat did survive and has been seized by the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. The cat did not belong to Lassiter.

(Photo of throwing a cat and Lassiter via Department of Public Safety)

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Video of woman throwing a cat is very graphic and disturbing:


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  1. Patricia Green says:

    What a piece of shit she is I would do the same to her and I hope she don’t survive!!!!
    U black mother fucker u need to be strip of all your Limbs !!!! U POS …

    • Sheree Pruitt says:

      Let’s refrain from the “BLACK” etc. remarks please. I am BLACK and I have been an extreme animal lover all of my life, so what’s your point???? If she was WHITE, would you be saying “WHITE” etc. remarks?? You’re issues are beyond animal abuse which makes you more ignorant than the person you are commenting against….FYI animal abusers come in many colors, ages etc.

  2. Edward says:

    Another black trash piece of s*** throwing a little defenseless animal not a problem take the b**** put it up on about 60 floors throw off f****** black ass she lands

  3. Marissa says:

    I would love nothing more then too see someone take a sledge hammer to this heartless little bitch. They need to take all these piss ant abusers and one by one lock them in a warehouse and tell them once the building gets full that the building will be blown up.Let them watch their lives fade away one by one. All of them are wasted flesh and they are a disgrace too the human race. I hope that the kitty will be okay poor thing didn’t deserve that.

  4. Christina says:

    We need to make a group that goes around and does the same thing to the person/people that is done to the animal..I want to beat the living shit out of this evil piece of shit bitch than throw her off the balcony..this is so fucked up animals r like babies innocent we should be protecting them not causing them harm

  5. lizanne mckay says:

    Its not about the color of the skin its about this sick cruel person who did this!!! Black white yellow purple who cares The bottom line is this person needs to be held accountable!!!


  6. Greg Ulrich says:

    I agree she should be jailed for a long period of time. The other prisoners will take special care of her becoming the new fish. Get her ass beat and get messed up real bad possibly even a shank. People that go to jail for hurting children and animals get their own special trearment and judgement and i use thw word special mean she had better watch her back. I personaly hope she is tormented and the day she gets out and hopefully nit a long time someone will take it upon themselves to just f*****g kill her slowly. And leaves her in the trash at the curb like the piece of shit she is. May she and her wntire family suffer and fail in all they do and try this is my wish on behalf of that poor cat may he live his life in peace and luxory.

  7. MRoman says:

    RE: Tikeemah Lassiter – Please Sign Petition TIKEEMAH J LASSITER PETITION
    (there’s more animal petitions to sign -just a click away)
    Dept. Public Safety ‏@NewarkNJPolice Dec 3 2016
    NPD arrested Tikeemah Lassiter of Clinton charging her for animal cruelty incident on 12-1-16. Suspect presumed innocent til proven guilty.

    Social Media Moves Fast – The World is Watching:

    Is this the same Tikeemah J Lassiter
    #TikeemahLassiter #animalcruelty #animalpetitions #catabuser

  8. Sue Wolfman says:

    Tikeemah J. Lassiter, you deserve the same fate as what you did to that poor little kitten. And then people should laugh at you like you did to that kitten. Thinking it was funny. What was so funny about it? I heard from many a detectives on the Investigation Discovery channel that serial killers start out by killing animals, then graduate to people. Well if that’s the case, just keep you in jail and throw away the key. Let the other inmates beat the living hell out of you until you die. Rot in hell. You don’t deserve to be among society.


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