Vile thugs torture stray dog by gouging out her eyes in horrific cruelty

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Mexican authorities in the Colony Plan de Ayala Sur, in the city of Merida, located in the southeastern Mexican  state of the Yucatan are investigating a horrific case of animal cruelty after several men attacked a stray dog, held her down and gouged out her eyes with their fingers, reports The Sun.

An animal activist, Connie Sosa posted the disturbing photos online after the female dog dubbed Boxy had been rescued. She was rushed to a veterinarian for treatment, with hopes that Boxy’s eyes could be reinserted, however her condition was assessed as having been too serious and the decision was made to humanely euthanize the dog.boxy-photo-5 Boxy had been abandoned by her previous owner and left to roam the streets. Acts of violence against stray animals continue to increase.

Authorities have confirmed, the Animal Protection Unit of the local police, they have initiated an investigation in the egregious cruelty. According to Ernesto Maurin Guerrero, of the Animalist Citizens Movement, the only way to ever stop this type of horrendous cruelty is to increase the punishments for those found guilty of such horrible deeds.

Rest in peace Boxy.

(Photos via screenshots Express Co. uk)

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  1. Dear dirt bags nice. Job. I am very proud of what you. So proud I want to return the favor ready we take each one of you one by one tie you up and then slowly but surely dropped just dropped off so if you work 100% acid into each of your eyes and then for the kicker you’re ready for this one guys we put my most famous plot dry ice shipped into each piece carefully than certain your eye as your eyes are burning out and you’re screaming for f****** bloody murder I’ll be eating popcorn and sharing on Boxee who is in a better place and you’ll ever going to be you piece of s***

  2. I absolutely hate animal abusers. Catch these bastard and gouge their eyes and let them suffer. It’s horrendous that the law against animal abuse is not taking seriously. It’s about time these pos are punish to the extent. And that goes for pet owners who abandon their animals to fend for themselves. My heart aches for this dog who did nothing to be torture like this.

  3. I am heart broken that this happened. I wish he had been here in the USA. They would have saved him, yes he would have been blind… But he sill could have been adopted and known love for the first time in his life. I pray they find the EVIL BASTARDS who did this and GLADLY DO A PUBLIC HANGING.

  4. What would make a human do such a thing? Just look at the precious dog…. He couldn’t of done anything bad enough to deserve this!! Oh my God, look what you did!!! And now he’s gone. No chance for him to find anyone that can love him now!!!! You heart must of turned to stone some how. I pitty you!! That dog could of made you a better person if you gave him a turn will be with God now. You will answer to God!! And I’ll beg God to have NO MERCEY ON YOU SHELL OF A HUMAN. BECAUSE YOU SEE, YOU HAVE NO SOUL!!

  5. OMG! This never end’s. What breaks my heart is the thought of a innocent, defenseless dog or puppy who has done nothing wrong. RIP Boxy! It’s just SAD! It just seems people and kid’s have no compassion, no heart, and to tell you the truth, they have no soul. If they did, they would not be doing such cruel and terrible things to this dog. When I was growing up we were taught that God created All kinds of animals to live among us. Well, it looks like people are destroying all kinds of animals and before you know it we’re either going to have to hide our pets, or God above see’s what his children and people are doing. And Yes, tougher laws is the key, for sure no matter what country is doing such a terrible crime! Will this help? Maybe?


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