Video shows dog limping in zoo’s wolf enclosure

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A video showing a dog limping in a zoo’s wolf enclosure at the Shandong Zoo in eastern China, enraged animal advocates on Saturday. According to HuanquiNews, a tourist visiting the zoo last week noticed a husky with an injured front paw appearing to have been bitten, limping around the enclosure howling.

The tourist was visibly upset, explaining how he was worried about the husky and how territorial wolves can be and if the dog was in danger? The tourist, known by his screen name of ‘Yuan Shengpen bless’, posted the video on his Weibo account on November 7, stated MailOnline, saying he was concerned over the way the zoo was being run. As the media storm garnered viral status, animal lovers criticized the zoo for not knowing the difference between a dog and a wolf. Lter that day, the Dezhou Zoo finally fired back a response telling animal advocates the “wolf dog hubrid” was in the exhibit to “increase the level of appreciation as well as the entertainment values for visitors.”

In addition, the  husky had been  introduced into the zoo about two months ago, together with the wolves and all had been living peacefully together. Animal welfare groups disagree, including Asian Animal Foundation, who posted a zoo’s responsibility is to educate and to spread the idea that a domesticated dog and wolves can live together in harmony is misleading and wrong. In addition a wounded dog could escalate the predatory instincts of the wolves.

The dog has since been removed from the wolves’ cage and is being treated for his injury with the zoo denying the dog was bitten –  claiming he was scratched by an exposed metal bar in the enclosure.

(Photos of zoo’s wolf enclosure via screenshots of Mail Online.)

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View the video of zoo’s wolf enclosure here:

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  1. Linda Szymoniak says:

    If the dog was injured on something in the enclosure, it’s just proof that the zoo doesn’t have the proper set-up for the wolves. One of them could get injured, too. I’m glad the dog is out and getting care, but worry for other animals at this so-called zoo.


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