Video: Dog whimpers in relief as rescuers come to her aid in old well

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In a heartwarming video that has garnered more than 500,000 views in three days, volunteers from the rescue organization, Animals Aid Unlimited tell the story of a dog trapped in an old abandoned well at least 50 feet deep.

According to the rescue organization’s Facebook page, no one has any idea how the dog dubbed, Ruby was even able to survive the fall nor how she ended up in the well, but near the Indian city of Udaipur, volunteers rallied to her rescue. When area residents heard the dog crying out in desperation, they called upon a team of rescuers and equipment; Animals Aid Unlimited gathered around to help.

In a three minute video, the rescuers use their camera to check for the dog’s exact location. The most heart wrenching part is when the dog senses the men coming for her and knows she is being helped. At that moment, Ruby cries out as if encouraging her rescuers to hurry up and find her. The rescuer, Ganpat had been wearing a helmet with a camera attached and was able to capture the entire operation.

When watching the video, note how Ruby wags her tail at she spots Ganpat struggling inside of the well’s narrow circumference to bring her up to the surface. Wrapped in a blanket, Ruby just falls gently into the man’s arms – feeling safe and knowing she has been rescued. On their Facebook page, the emotional rescue is described:

“We have no idea how Ruby could have survived this incredibly long fall. From the bottom of a 50 foot hole rose up the most plaintive cries for help. When our rescue crew arrived she literally sobs she’s so beside herself with emotion, as if she needed to share behind tears the whole of her terrible ordeal, the fear she must have felt while falling, the disastrous realization that she couldn’t get out … and above her, she weeps almost in disbelief, may be – … yes – it is help. Watch the strain on our rescuer Ganpat’s face in the final moments before Ruby is lifted from his shaking arms after he is rope lifted some 50 feet.”

Please donate to help. What a reassuring note to be reminded there is still much kindness in this world.

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(Photo and YouTube courtesy of Animal Aid Unlimited.)

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