Dog saved after leash caught in elevator door

Video captures dog’s leash trapped in elevator door

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Hotel security cameras were recording the moment when a dog’s leash got trapped in an elevator door at a Roadway Inn in Greenville, South Carolina. Quick thinking and fast action on the part of the hotel general manager spared the dog from a grisly death, reported Wednesday’s WYFF News.

The dog’s hero is Ben Duke, who happened to be in the right place at the right time. Duke had just exited a storage area when he saw a dog alone outside of an elevator – the doors were already closed when Duke approached the dog, who was being pulled in and up by the leash which was inside of the elevator compartment.

Duke described how he managed to free the dog from the leash:

“I just grabbed it, and struggled with it, then I guess adrenaline set in or something, and I snapped the leash right above my hand,”

The dog’s owner, a regular guest at the hotel, tearfully thanked Duke for saving his dog. Duke dismisses the notion that he is a hero, telling WYFF, “I just did what you are supposed to do in this situation.”

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  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    Sorry Ben Duke you ARE a hero, Not too many people would have been able to pull that off, The owner of the dog owes his dog’s life to you.


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