Victim of cruelty – nearly dead puppy found in cage

Victim of cruel abuse
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In the wake of recent horrific findings at the Bastrop Louisiana Kill Pens in Bastrop, Louisiana another heinous crime has been committed against an animal; this time in Wardville, Louisiana.   And the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office is doing nothing about it.denise-carey-costa-photo

It all started on Saturday September 24th 2016 when Nicole Johnson Snock, a staunch advocate for animals and founder of the group Plenty of Pitties received a call from her sister in law regarding a starving puppy.  The puppy, and several other emaciated and sickly dogs were outside a rundown trailer in Wardville, Louisiana, a low income section of Pineville, Louisiana.

Nicole’s sister-in-law tried to get help for the puppy and the other dogs on the property by calling the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office dispatch. The dispatcher’s apathetic response was to call back Monday as there were not enough units available to respond to animal cruelty cases on the weekend.

On hearing this, Nicole rushed over to the address and was met with a horrifying scene; 2 adult dogs on chains both in horrible condition, obviously from long term neglect.  But the most disturbing sight was what appeared to be the remains of a dog in a rabbit cage. When she looked closer, she discovered a puppy covered in demodex mange and fecal matter. The poor creature attempted to stand up only to fall right back down.   Nicole had never seen anything so sickening in her entire life.  She picked up the phone and once again called the Rapides Parish Sheriff’s Office and received the same apathetic response that no one would come out on Saturday. Nicole reiterated the urgency of the situation explaining the dog would be dead by Monday, and she was going to take the dog to the emergency vet. The dispatcher responded that if she did that she would be arrested for stealing the dog. Nicole’s logic then was if you can get someone out here to arrest me then you can get someone out here to help the dogs. The dispatcher then hung up on Nicole.

Nicole took the dog home and washed him before getting him to the vet. The dog was a walking skeleton, practically no hair, just skin and bones.

Nicole named the puppy Job and sent an emergency message out to get funds for his vetting. Within an hour the post went viral and donations starting flooding from all over the United States.

Dear Job, who waited so patiently for help to come but when it did it was too late. Although he made it to the emergency vet, he succumbed to the severe abuse and neglect that had been inflicted on his little body since he was born; he died at 7 p.m.

At this time no one has been held accountable for Job’s death and several dogs are still left languishing at the property.

It takes a very sick and malicious person to do this to any creature, yet the person or persons who did this are not being held liable for their actions. No arrest has been made although the evidence is there in photos stated on the emergency vet records that death was the result of extreme neglect. Yet the irony in all this is; Nicole is still being threatened with arrest for saving this dog from his extreme suffering.

How can this be called justice?   Do not stand by quietly and let Job’s suffering and death be in vain.

Contact the Rapides Parish Sheriff William Earl Hilton at:

[email protected]


Mayor Clarence Fields of Pineville, Louisiana at:

[email protected]

In the words of Mahatma Gandi “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Louisiana is sadly lacking in greatness and in moral progress.

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  1. You’re f****** moron call the sheriff how f****** scumbag is it stupid do you want to see a puppy that I’ve never in my life seen looking like that and you were too f****** backed up to come out and say that poor f****** dog you should quit your job if Neely dirt bike piece of s*** are you a redneck mother f***** but that’s what it must be safe out there and you want to rest of woman that tried to save this f****** dog how about your rest yourself you piece of dirt bag ship how do you get to play Sheriff 5 + 10 are you really would you let your kid look like that would you give a s*** Sheriff the world is watching you now and shame on you

    • Edward, I sympathize with you, and I cried my eyes out when I saw this little starving puppy in this photo, but I have to tell you that it’s unfair for you to blame everyone, calling out the term ‘rednecks’ . I moved from California to Georgia some years ago, and I can honestly say that
      those bas***ds who did this to torture and starve this puppy, as well as several others, who were found to be emaciated the same day as this puppy, are not just in La. I’ve seen Southern people truly love and care for their pets and animals, while I’ve seen too many puppies, dogs, cats, and animals suffering abuse and starvation by people up and down the coast and inland in California, so please, don’t insult one for another………not everybody is innocent, and not everybody is the same. Animal laws need to be enforced, and Police Depts and Authorized Animal Control Centers should hire dispatchers that are more concerned for emergency calls, no matter who they are, or where they are. That Police Dept should have fired that dispatcher for hanging up, and putting the lame excuse and blame on the wonderful woman who took that puppy to her home to care for it and try to save the puppy’s life. Instead, that dispatcher abused her position to empower herself to threaten the 911 caller, whose only concern was saving the puppy.

      • Sorry Linda. I agree with Edward though I understand your perspective. I have been doing networking dogs for almost 4 years in the south as well as California where I live. I am sure there are nice decent people in the South, but the general mentality toward animals shows even lower consciousness than California in general, just for example. I certainly agree that we need to enforce laws but how to get these people who are unable to empathize with animals to enforce the laws. We need to go after all of them, but especially police, etc. who don’t do their job! This case should be turned over to the FBI and ASPCA!

    • What needs to be done is to make the name and address where this is public and then let the masses do what they do best! Public out very is always a great solution!

  2. What in the hell is wrong with these fuckers in the first place??? Why do you have any animals in your possession??? I can not understand Louisiana and their not caring, what a bunch of imbeciles and heartless assholes!!! RIP Job, you are over the Rainbow Bridge now and no human can EVER hurt you again!!! As far as an arrest, go fuck yourself Louisiana, you are a real piece of scum and may every one of you in that office die a horrendous death, just like Job!!!!!!

  3. Hey everyone, RPSO has stepped up and is now helping out. They are on our side to make signification changes! I am working closely with Nicole, and at this time we cannot disclose the exact changes, but as soon as we can we will be making a post on the Plenty of Pitties facebook page, so please follow us and stay tuned! Thank you all for #justiceforjob 🙂

    • Talk you for the update! I am SO glad there are people that are helping now and hope the rest of the dogs are safe! I sure hope the waste of skin that did this pays for the abuse…

    • omg this is soooooooooooo horiffic. do you have any updated pix of her today? I saw another article on one found in a dumpster. looked dead, I mean, howwwwwwwwwwwww can one live to this point of devaluation and starvation. OMG.. thank u lord for saving this and other doggies and kitties

  4. No wonder this scum feels no shame in mistreating animals like this: they KNOW nothing will happen to them because the cops in the area don’t give a damn. My guess is the local sheriff is an animal abuser himself.

  5. Thank you guys for taking the time to read Job’s story. I assure you all that he felt kindness and love before he left this world but I will not stop until these people pay. Please look for updates on Job’s case at PLENTY OF PITTIES on Facebook

    • Nicole, having just led a group in successfully lobbying for a strong sentence in Ascension Parish, I’m interested to see how this case plays out. Also, I think we’d all like to know how you went from being threatened with arrest to having the support of the sheriff’s office. If you’d like to learn how we followed the convicted felon’s case here and garnered community support, please message me on Facebook.

  6. Get off your fat lazy backside and do the job you are obviously well overpaid to do. Unemployed people do more then you. Grow a pair, save some lives, prosecute the imbaceells responsible. From Great Britain.

  7. I am very confused by this post which went online this am. I immediately began a social media campaign w/over 750 responses. A few hours later the page was down for quite some time. I emailed you twice but didn’t receive a response. Now I notice the page is up. So my question is this; are you and whomever on top of this and do not need additional resources? If I don’t receive a response to this question I will assume you are set and will notify the people who immediately stepped up to the plate to contact media outlets and all branches of government in that area from the town level to the stare. They have been asking me since they first became involved early this am.
    Just a suggestion ~ you might want to check your emails more frequently.

    • The article had to be edited in order for the photo to accompany. It was a technical error, and with a few edits, the article was immediately republished. Sometimes technology is frustrating and confusing. We are sorry if this inconvenienced you D. The information is still the same and our guest writer did an awesome job with this article to bring awareness and action to animal cruelty.

      • Yes I agree excellent job by author and your site as well. I was just tense that day as being asked many questions over the course of the afternoon. Mea culpa as I value the work you do.

  8. This is gut wrenching and I can’t stop crying. Why do people do this? I don’t understand how a human being can do this to an animal. This is a crime that should be a felony charge-not a misdemeanor or a fine but a prison sentence. Anyone who would do this should be locked up and the key thrown away. This picture will haunt me. No animal deserves to be treated like that – that was a slow painful death.

  9. Deplorable that any human being could let an animal suffer like that and even more so that the police have done nothing. Nicole thank you for stepping up… the aspca should be notified. Or maybe get Villalobos rescue involved. TV cameras sometimes swing the “hearts” of authorities.

  10. Job u r safe now , no more pain an suffering!!! The sheriff, all of them should b dead!!! No fucking rainbow bridge for them pos!!!! Bastards!!!!

  11. It really is time to change your laws n punish people more severely. Even when people are broke or out of work is no excuse as they have the option of handing them over for adoption. They know the pain n agony they cause their dogs. What is wrong with you, what is wrong with the law?

  12. What a discrase to the humans of this town and to the sheriffs department. Thank God for one decent lady. You did your best RIP JOB. I am so sorry you had to suffer so badly, but I pray the people and the sheriff department pay dearly for this. Lawmakers need to make animal cruelty a felony. WAKE UP LAWMAKERS AND DO YOUR DAM JOB.

  13. Evil vile scum put the owners in a cage and starve to death. Public hanging of evil police and power crazy city leaders who deserve to die

  14. On the Plenty of Pitties page on Facebook, they have said that the Sheriff’s Office and animal control are working on this and several other cases and apparently welcoming Nicole’s help and that of others concerned. Full updates are unavailable while authorities continue working on the case.

    • The animal abuse,cruelty, and negelect laws in this country haven’t been changed in years or least most of them haven’t. And when the person go to court they get no jail time or the get probation.Its makes their crime unpunishable for what they do to these beautifuls souls.The animal laws are so outdated and need changed.Some people think dogs are servents to them.***Not to change subject, but there is a dog of one our veterans who had to have leg amputed in the veterans hospital. This dog named Carter ID#48409 in Witeville, NC has been in this shelter since Sept .7th and is in danger and urgent.He 2yr.Staff/Bull Terrier 50lbs In K-31, has $417 in pledges and HW+, and needs our help to get rescued.Please share with rescues groups he needs out asap.Anyone that can pull this guy and help him ,this veterans is pleading for anyone to save his dogs life. HELP!!!

  15. The standard of animal care in Louisiana and most states in America is to put it politely disgusting , Money money Money is all the politicians care about .line their pockets and they will do something otherwise dogs /cats etc are of no interest . and the law enforcement agencies are a bloody joke . day after day the abuse gets worse and the rescues set up by caring people are fighting a losing battle but they will not give up Rest i
    n Peace little Job I am sorry the humans let you down sleep safe in the arms of angels little boy God bless you,

  16. Extreme neglect and abuse and what that dispatcher said was uncivilized and had no compassion for animals including that stuip police department.Just pure mean and that poor puppy dying from extreme neglect and hunger. 🙁 You did not deserve this Job and someone out there gets away with this horrible act of animal abuse.I hope,you are in the loving arms surrounded in a better place with better people who love you,dearly.Rip,puppy Job

  17. What is wrong with people, well consider the source in this part of the country, I guess. I just don’t know anymore, what has this world come to ???

  18. I have sent an email to both the Mayor and Sheriff and intend to report this to the FBI.


    Sheriff Hilton and Mayor Fields:

    I am a military member and resident of Louisiana by birth. This story is going viral on the internet and should be. It has to be one of the most disgusting, egregious things I have ever read coming out of the state of Louisiana.

    To know that there are still animals on this property who are being neglected and tortured like this and nothing being done about it is beyond belief in this country. This is the 21st Century………not the dark ages.

    I, along with every military member who is on my Facebook page, and every military member in my group at the Pensacola Naval Station, Pensacola, FL and Eglin AFB in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, are going to do everything we can to spread the word of this going on in Wardville, Louisiana and Bastrop. I intend to personally, along the members of my group, report this to the FBI Data Base Unit which has been established this year.

    The pictures coming out of the torture of the dog in Bastrop makes me, a veteran of Vietnam, absolutely sick to my stomach. It is not only a crime, but a crime not to do something about it. Even it was NOT a crime, where is the moral and ethical part of humanity that is missing from all this?

    • My email to both of them has been rejected by their server (Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently)…..I assume that is because of the volume of complaints crashed it. Thank god for all the caring people out there.

  19. Yeah…I’m sure there’s so much crime in this red neck frickin town that most people have never even heard of….all of the police dept should be fired and the address of this rundown trailer should be published.

  20. Yank oinker pig cops are the corrupt scum of the planet.They are loathed globally.There are very few good ones.Most have a reputation of liking to kill animals.I adore reading when an oinker pig cop has been killed!

  21. This is the sad truth that when someone calls the police in regards to abused animals this is the response given! This puppy died because no one came until it was too late! The fact that there are other dogs on this property who also need rescue should have prompted a run from police and animal control to come and get the dogs before they too end up dead!

  22. Simple—You were doing a citizens arrest. Old law but very effective, I have done it and i am old and disabled. Often times the offender will give up the animal rather than have the arrest take place. One needs to stay safe though. Look it up (especially if you are near this case) Save the animals. If this person told local police she wanted the abuser arrested she was invoking citizen’s arrest. Bless the person who saved the starving pup. At lease she knew a few hours of love before she died. Why weren’t the neighbors up in arms and doing something? Shame on them.

  23. I hope the monsters that did this to the dogs will get punished severely. A coward, evil monsters unfortinately are living among us, but believe me that karma will hit them soon enough. I hope that these monsters owners will rot in hell, and will receive nothing but bad luck for the rest of their worthless lives! A waste in our society, and I wish that these monsters had not been born to spare the world of their evil acts!

  24. And this is where vigilante justice comes into play. These sick bastards need to be shown that their actions come with consequences! I would gladly offer my services for free!!!


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