German shepherd puppy stolen

Veteran distraught after German shepherd puppy stolen

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A veteran and his wife are distraught after someone entered their fenced yard and stole their German shepherd puppy, “TJ.” According to Thursday’s ABC 7 News, surveillance video captured the brazen theft which took place early Tuesday morning in East Los Angeles, California.

TJ, an eight-month-old German shepherd, belongs to Francisco Torres and his wife Angela. The couple is distraught that TJ is missing and that someone was bold enough to open the lock of their fence gate and walk away with their dog.

The couple has stated that a neighbor thinks that the person in the surveillance video is one of her friends…however, the woman refuses to disclose the suspect’s name. The police have been notified and the area is plastered with fliers…the Torres family hopes that someone will find their pup and return her back home.

German shepherd stolen

Oddly enough, KTLA News has reported that the authorities believe that no crime has been committed since the dog was not “forcibly removed.” Torres commented on the bizarre stance of the authorities, “Somebody opens the gate and lures my dog out. To find out that it’s not a crime — come on.”

TJ weighs approximately 80 pounds, is microchipped and her left ear is not fully upright.

(Photos screenshots via KTLA and ABC 7 News)


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  1. dianaroby02 says:

    Not a crime because “authorities believe that no crime has been committed since the dog was not “forcibly removed.”” So, if a child is lured out of their yard and not “forcibly removed” that’s not a crime? You bet it is. This is a crime, too. I hope that they get their dog back.

    • Pamela Wilson says:

      I agree Diana. It’s just as much a crime as if it was a child. I too hope they get their dog back and the person that knows who stole it needs to be charged for holding back information and put in jail and fined.

  2. maxiemom says:

    How can the authorities say this isn’t a crime? Are they insane? They must be!!! This is a problem in too many places: police don’t take crimes against animals (and their humans) seriously, especially when THEY commit so many of them themselves.

    • susispot says:

      Crazy comment “not a crime”. They must be nuts or think we are. I hope they get an earful from the public and get off their rusty dustys and do their job…find the dog! Prayers he gets home safe. Spot on with your mention of the crimes they do against pets.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Someone opens a gate and takes the dog and that is NOT a crime? And too the neighbor who thinks they know who the “friend” is, time to turn them in, they stole someone’s dog! I hope they find who did this and they get their dog back, this isn’t right!!!!!!!

  4. Pamela Wilson says:

    I feel that police need to take the neighbor that knows who stole the dog into custody and make them tell who stole the dog and where the dog is. No one has the right stealing what does not belong to them. I hope this dog is not an outside dog cause there are too many creeps out and about that do just what was done to this dog. don’t leave your pet unattended outside.


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