Update on puppy who disappeared when truck was stolen

Puppy disappeared when truck was stolen
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Earlier this month, a four-month-old puppy named “Tater” disappeared when his owner’s truck was stolen from a parking lot in Broomfield, Colorado. The chocolate Labrador retriever was inside of Richard Ivy’s Ford F-350, which was parked at the Benihana restaurant near Flatirons Crossing, at the time of the theft.

According to Monday’s Denver Channel, Tater is safely back at home. The puppy’s return is a bit of a mystery – someone dropped him off at Ivy’s mother’s home. How that person, whose identity is unknown, knew her address is also a mystery.

The stolen truck was also recovered near 112th and Reed – the tires and the license plate had been changed out and there was some damage.

Ivy isn’t concerned about the truck, or the damage – all he had hoped for was the safe return of his stolen puppy. The family thanked those who tried to help recover Tater:

We can’t thank each and every one of you enough for all your positive thoughts and well wishes, sharing our story and all of your concern for Tater’s safe return home.

Prior story about Tater here.

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  1. Hey Ivy I prayed for you I have $7 my heart went out for you one that was like I didn’t give a s*** about the truck with the tools but he is gorgeous by the way you could still bring them with you but you know what you have to be more careful and I don’t care where you are I’m I live in PA and I take my 5 dogs but I do have to be very very careful and I’m glad you got him back he’s gorgeous happy holiday and God bless with me at all times


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