Update: Neglected Sheltie undergoes surgery to remove football sized tumor

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An update on Soldier’s condition still shows him to be in serious condition. According to the Arrow Fund’s Friday afternoon report, the dog’s tumor weighed five-and-a-half pounds. Another small tumor was also removed beneath the larger tumor. Tissue has been sent out for pathology.

Sadly that was not the end of this poor neglected dog’s physical problems:

“Another sad fact is when radiographs were done on his abdomen , a foreign metal object was detected . It has the appearance and shape of a sewing needle . To address this would have been more than Soldier could take . It is the hope of the medical staff that it is buried deep in the abdominal wall and will not be a factor . We will repeat radiographs in a few days to see if there has been any movement of said object . To do exploratory surgery is the last thing this poor boy needs at this time.”

Please say a little prayer for Soldier. He deserves so much better.

After an emergency call for help from the Metro Animal Services in Kentucky  on Wednesday about a friendly Sheltie in critical need, the Arrow Fund stepped in to help. Dubbed Soldier by his rescuers, the dog’s condition was described as follows:

“He has a large tumor coming off of his rear leg and maggots currently around tumor and anus. He is unable to walk at this time. He was sent on an emergency transport to Blue Pearl. He just arrived. This is very bad . Soldier will need lots of love , light , and prayers.”sheltie-with-tumor

And so named Soldier because of his bravery, and his inner strength to fight for his life, his long journey begins. The tumor, described as the size of a football attached to his leg and his partial tail that had been chopped off with bones exposed was to begin a long regimen of life saving surgery and treatments. His neglect was so egregious, Soldier was  infested with fleas and maggots were found around his entire rear area. What kind of human could sit back and watch any animal suffer like this?sheltie-with-tumor-2

In Kentucky, the Arrow Fund provides medical treatment to animals who have been the victims of extreme torture, neglect or abuse. On Thursday, Soldier underwent two surgeries; one to remove the obscenely large tumor off of his leg and the other to amputate the remainder of his infected tail. He remains on intravenous pain medication, fluids and antibiotics. His condition remains guarded. On the organization’s Facebook page, an update has been posted:

“I have decided to call throughout the night and post after talking to surgeon in the morning. Soldier is still being monitored for transfusion. His PCV is at 20 which is the target number that they usually transfuse, if showing clinincal signs. As long as his vitals are stable they are holding off. If his heart rate elevates at all a transfusion will take place…This boy has been through long term neglect.”

By highlighting these cases, the  organization continues to educate the public regarding animal abuse and cruelty in Kentucky and the need to strengthen the animal welfare laws. To help with this sweet dog’s expenses, please click here. Checks can be sent to The Arrow Fund P.O. Box 1127, Prospect, Kentucky 40059.

Follow the Pet Rescue Report on Facebook. Photos courtesy of The Arrow Fund.


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  1. Betty Schultz says:

    All I say is thank you and God bless you for doing the work you do. Praying for all of you and the babies you help.


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