Unknown monster ties newborn kittens to back of mother cat’s leg and leaves them in brush to die

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In White County, Georgia, authorities are asking for the public’s help finding the disturbed culprit responsible for zip tying four newborn kittens to the back leg of a mother cat and then leaving them in a remote area  to die. Angels Among Us cat

One week ago, the mother cat and her four kittens were discovered in a tangled Kudzu vine. As Animal Control brushed away the vines,  came the shocking discovery of the kittens tied to their mother’s rear right leg. No one knows how long the family had been out there; temperatures exceeded 90 degrees, no food or water.  The mother cat tried desperately to lick the zip ties away so her babies, whose eyes had not even opened, could nurse from their mother.  Tragically by the time they were found, according to the rescue group, Angels Among Us, one kitten had already died, and the remaining three tiny lives  perished within the next 24 hours. Angels Among Us cat 4

Barely responsive when saved, Aura was rushed to an emergency veterinarian hospital where she received round the clock care. An update on Angels Among Us Facebook echoed the cat’s sadness:

“I met her a little while ago & she’s the definition of heartbreaking. This one got me. I practically crawled into her cage at the vet trying to reassure her that it was OK and we loved her. She’s tiny & sad and pitiful and scared of what people might do to her next. I can’t imagine what kind of evil person could do what they did to her. Thank goodness she made it to us because things can only get better from here.” Angels Among Us Update cat

On Monday Aura was spayed and has been transferred to a foster home until she recovers. Sometimes the “deepest wounds are the ones we can’t see.” Aura is described as very sweet and hardly more than a baby herself.

To donate: www.angelsrescue.org/donatenow, “Donate to Cat Rescue”,”Aura

AURA NEEDS A FOREVER HOME:https://www.angelsrescue.org/adoption-form-cat/

For more information, e-mail cats@angelsrescue.org.

(Photos courtesy of Angels Among Us)


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  1. mongibello says:

    I would have liked to learn that she would have been allowed one litter of babies to fulfil her emotional need which is fragile to say the least. Then she could have been spayed.

    • Danelle says:

      With the overpopulation of unwanted pets “allowing” her to have another litter would be preposterous. She might bond well with a litter of abandoned kittens though. Surely this would create a more mutually beneficial situation.

      • Ann Watkins says:

        really how dare the humans not consider the needs of the mother cat before thier own need to control the pet population. I myself have fur babies that are fixed. I also have 3 babies that are not mine currently that are not fixed they where thrown away in the hot sun once again in ga This is not an overpopulation problem This is a human irresponsibility problem. If we held people accountable. One of the dogs is going to have a litter of puppies .I have heard this argument before about the overpopulation pet problem when I was told I could have her fixed at anytime. We did not need more puppies. This is my answer I have no right to end the litter . Just as to discount the mother cats needs . The human needs to check it self. As for the person that did this. Someone knows who did it. We created that problems also but there is no help for them now.

    • KBEAM says:

      Pregnancy isn’t without risk or complication. I would never ask her to have another litter. This is her opportunity to BE someones baby. Enjoy, little one.

  2. Linda Szymoniak says:

    Having just rescued a two-week-old feral kitten myself, this story makes me especially angry. I hope they found who did this to this poor cat and her kittens. If they hadn’t tied the kittens to her, they would have at least had a chance to survive. I hope they find the monster(s) who did this. I volunteer to handle them – just give me ten minutes alone with them and a shit-load of zip ties……

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Whoever did this to this poor Mamma and her babies needs to be found and dealt with. Rest in peace precious babies, and Aura, I wish you comfort.

  4. J. Martin says:

    I see this is an older post from last year. (Hadn’t see this before .. to my knowledge). BUT .. If I ever caught the SOB who did this … That POS would cease to breath!!!


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