University of Missouri who purposely blinded 6 puppies and then killed them now being sued

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In Columbia, Missouri, researchers at the University of Missouri – Columbia blinded six young beagles under the age of one after damaging their corneas and then killed the dogs because the experiment failed, reports the Daily News.Beagle Freedom project cover

In an April 7 study, researchers blinded the six puppies in their left eye, split them into two groups and then tested a treatment for corneal ulcers. The experiment failed – and all of the pups were killed; their eyes removed and stored for future study.

“The university researchers killed these six beagles after purposely damaging their corneas by pouring an experimental acid into them and then killing them when they’re done because  the experiment failed,” stated Kevin Chase, vice president of the Beagle Freedom Project, a nonprofit who finds homes for dogs who survive experimental laboratory research.Beagles blinded

Chase went on to explain that regardless of the results of the experiment, the research would have been deemed invalid; therefore the suffering and the death of the dogs had been unnecessary.

“Their own research protocol identified that six dogs was insufficient for this type of research, that they needed a bigger population pool. Even if the research was effective by pouring this acid into their purposely damaged cornea, it would have been written off, because the population size was too small.”

Defending their position, the university claimed the dogs were treated humanely and “every effort was made to ensure dogs were as comfortable as possible during the tests to study the effectiveness of the new drug treatment.” The university went on to explain that dogs share similar eye characteristics with humans and therefore are ideal  for corneal studies.

A previous lawsuit filed against the university on behalf of the Beagle Freedom Project seeks records relating to the school’s care of the dogs. The school sought to charge the non-profit $7. a page – adding up to $82,222. That lawsuit continues.

On August 16, New York’s Governor Cuomo signed into law the Beagle Freedom Bill, requiring state-funded research institutions to put healthy dogs and cats up for adoption instead of euthanizing them. Nevada, California, Minnesota, and Connecticut have already signed similar bills.

According to the Beagle Freedom Project, they would have gladly taken the puppies and found them new homes and are horrified at the university’s failure to reach out to the rescue group.

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  1. all this cruelty, people are sick a nd probably drugged up to the eyeballs and too much crap they watch makes em do this shit. poor animals don’t deserve this shit its getting worse FFS!. its terrible the worlds gone mad.its sosad for the animals.heartbreaking

  2. Do the tests on humans, who have the capacity to say yes or no. To hell with medical advancement at the expense of innocent animals. This is disgusting.

    • I agree, Donna. Not only do these innocent animals have no say in whether or not they participate in these horrific experiments, the results of many experiments do not apply to humans because they are of a different species altogether. I believe many of the experiments performed on poor animals are done simply to generate grant money, so the labs and educational facilities can justify their existence.

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  4. Treating animals as “test subjects” is WRONG! There should be more being done to STOP experimentation on all animals. For a real effective study of how things could effect humans, they should use humans as test subjects. Make prisoners pay their debt to society by being experimented on.

  5. I would appreciate if I can participate in these discussions, I find animal testing absolutely appalling, why are these poor animals being sacrificed, is it because they have no rights, or a voice, who gives humans the right to use, abuse and discarded like unwanted garbage, do these parasites even have any kind of thinking that these poor animals feel all the pain when injected with all different chemicals, why not get phycopaths, serial killers instead, who will never benefit the society. …..

  6. How can these people sleep at night?????????????????? It doesn’t bother them when the puppy struggles because his damn eyes are burning??????????? Shame on you ! You are no better than the Nazis in my book and God is watching each and every one of those who are cruel to His animals. You WILL be judged and I can only hope that those who do this receive acid in THEIR eyes…..daily in Hell.

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