Underage puppies enter NYC shelter on different days become best friends

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Two underage puppies were surrendered to the New York City Animal Care and Control days apart. The tan colored little guy, PJ  was given to someone for a present, but was surrendered to the shelter just days later because of his owner’s “allergies.” Later in the week, a tiny dark brindle pup, dubbed Brando was found wandering the streets in a Queens neighborhood and brought in as a “stray.” Orphan NYC cover photo

Who knows the real stories of the puppies, and why they were tossed away like yesterday’s old shoes, but their young lives quickly took a turn for the better.  Whether is was pure coincidence or perhaps divine intervention, Rescue Dogs Rock NYC  co-founder Jackie O’Sullivan was contacted by the shelter asking if their organization could help the puppies. Orphan NYC 3

And from there, it wasn’t long before Brando and PJ met for the first time; their bond was instantaneous. In their foster home, PJ and Brando are inseparable. The two eat, play and sleep together – all under the proper tutelage of two female adult dogs in the house who are gently teaching the playful boys proper puppy behavior. Both will be available for adoption in a few weeks. Orphan NYC 4

“We cannot take the cuteness here! NYC ACC puppies PJ  and Brando are too cute for words Brothers from another mother; both came in solo…, ” Jackie commented to the rescue’s Facebook followers.

To help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC continue their work, donations can  be made here.Orphan NYC 7

(Photos Kristen Pellegrino and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)


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