Two family dogs shot and killed during home break-in

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A family in Stanly County, North Carolina, is grieving the loss of their two dogs who were fatally shot during a break-in at their home on Monday. According to ABC 11 News, eight-month old Husky “Nova” and three-year old Rottweiler mix “Rucker,” were dead when Kelly Hooks’ boyfriend, Cody, returned to their home in the Norwood area.

The dogs were killed, despite being locked away in a room of the house, reported WSOC TV. Hooks voiced her grief over the death of her beloved dogs:

“They don’t realize what they took from us. They could’ve taken the whole house. I wouldn’t have cared if they took everything in the house if they would’ve just left them alone.”

The local authorities are taking the case seriously – hoping to find out who is behind the brutal invasion which claimed the dogs’ lives. Stanly County Sheriff George Burris told Channel 9 News, “If they’ll take an innocent dog’s life, what could happen next? That’s why we’re taking this case so serious.”

The break-in which resulted in the two dogs’ death is one of several in the area over the last month – the authorities are warning homeowners to ensure that homes (and cars) are secured. A reward of $1,000 has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible for killing Nova and Rucker.

(Family photo via WSOC News)

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  1. So senseless, why couldn’t they just leave the dog in the room alone! My heart goes out to Kelly and Cody, I can’t imagine the heartbreak. Rest in peace Nova and Rucker, I’m so sorry your lives were cut short like this. I hope they find the POS’s that did this and I hope they rot in jail!

  2. The thugs / scum / excrement who did this need to be found and removed. Odds are they will kill others, and probably already have. They have no respect for ANY life, human or animal, and undoubtedly abuse their significant others and, God forbid, children (please don’t let them have already reproduced!). There are too many people on this planet for anyone this vile to keep on breathing…..

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss of two beautiful babies, and I hope and pray they find them soon and justice will be taken care of, try to remember the good times with them and you will see them at Rainbow Ridge, they will be waiting for you and your family.

  4. Thank you for sharing our story. Nova and Rucker were my children’s babies. Please continue to share. Our focus is to find Justice for Nova and Rucker.


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