Two dogs dead – believed to have been thrown over cliff

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Two dogs in Oʻahu, Hawaii, are dead and the way that their life may have been taken is unbearably cruel. According to Monday’s WISH TV, it is believed that someone threw the dogs over the side of a cliff at Kaena Point. Hikers made the disturbing find on Saturday at the bottom of the cliff.

When the dogs were found, one was already dead and the other was severely injured. Thanks to the efforts of good Samaritans, the surviving dog was carried out of the area and rushed to an emergency veterinarian. Jessica Murray, one of the individuals present at the time told WISH TV about the condition of the surviving dog, “His eyes were just swollen, puff pink balls. He was barely standing up and he wasn’t using one of his legs.”Screenshot (852)

Despite being found and taken to a veterinarian, the dog’s injuries proved to be so severe that he was humanely euthanized. Questions remain about how the dogs came to be at the bottom of the cliff…there is speculation that someone threw them over the side. Murray stated, “Where the dogs were, it kind of seemed like somebody just kicked them off a cliff and left them there.”

The Hawaiian Humane Society has instigated an investigation and has asked that anyone with information reach out to them if they have information about the situation. Tips should be phoned to the shelter’s cruelty investigation department at (808) 356-2250.

On a lighter note, enjoy installment #2 of the “Seager Sagas,” the chronicles of a mischievous pup.

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7 replies
  1. Barkley's Mom says:

    If some despicable person did kick them off the cliff to their death, then they deserve the same. Rest in peace precious pups, you are in a better place.

  2. Marlies Renee says:

    Someone knows how they got there, come forward, or no better than the monster who did this, there are other ways to find a home for an unwanted dog other than throwing it off a cliff, well someday when you fall and remember what you did.

  3. maxiemom says:

    Unfortunately, Hawaii has extremely lax animal cruelty laws, so even if they find the scum who did this, he of she will get off with almost no punishment. Of course, should someone recognize the dogs and know who did this and also decide to punish this vile filth in a way befitting the crime, I’m certain a nice cliff would appreciate doing its part for the environment.

  4. Penny's Dachshund says:

    Up until Now I haven’t heard of abuse issues in Hawaii!!! SO The EVIL now spreads there Too!!! The person who did this needs to be strapped to a raft and towed out far enough not to drift back to shore !!!

  5. bonnie lynn menard says:

    i think this world is going to shit.!!!!everybody seems lately to want to kill animals.trophy hunters,,but they are egotists,,,,,and the nyc ac$c gets a kick out of telling everyone we are going to kill these animals,,no matter the age…..they are being left in cars,,,how,,it is spread all over,,how can you forget.,,,piss poor excuse……and the ones that just kill for the sake of being insane ,,,,should be shot,,they are of no use to anyone…???


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