Fallen Canine Officer Payne

Tragic ending for police canine shot by homeowner

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A police canine with the Pembroke, North Carolina, Police Department, has passed away after being shot multiple times by a homeowner. According to Tuesday’s publication of the FayObserver, the Labrador retriever, named “Payne,” died from complications resulting from the gunshot wounds.

The Pembroke Police Department broke the tragic news to Facebook followers on Monday – the heartbreaking post reads:

Pembroke Police mourns the loss of one of it’s own, Officer Payne Hunt(k-9). After a week long battle of complications Payne’s suffering ended!

Payne was shot just over a week ago after he bolted away from his handler, Officer Jason Hunt, during on outing on Union Chapel Road in the early morning hours. Shortly after Officer Hunt lost sight of Payne, he heard shots ring out. A homeowner in the area mistakenly assumed that Payne was a stray dog who was going to harm his own dogs.

Initially, it was believed that Payne would recuperate from his injuries. The department has indicated that a public service will be held for the fallen canine officer.

(Photo via Pembroke Police FB page)


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  1. maxiemom says:

    The homeowner should be charged for animal cruelty! No matter where you live, it should be against the law for shooting ANY dog for the mere ASSumption that that dog is going to harm your own dogs!!! You are supposed to be innocent until proven guilty, and I can’t believe that a police dog had no tags nor identification of any kind so that filthy scumbag couldn’t see that Payne was not a stray! The dirtbag killed a cop! CHARGE HIM!!!!!!!

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    ANOTHER CASE of SHOOT FIRST ASK QUESTION”S LATER!!! IT SOUNDS like this Officer of the POLICE DEPARTMENT did ‘t STAND A CHANCE from the gun happy ” I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BARE ARM”S PERSON”” I too carry but this is just plane NEEDLESS KILLING !


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