Tragic death: Chained dog killed by polar bear

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A viral video of a polar bear gently patting a dog at Mile 5 Dog Sanctuary in Churchill Manitoba may have been short lived. On Thursday a report surfaced that one of the dogs had been killed and eaten by a polar bear late last week.

A Manitoba Sustainable Development spokesperson told CBC News that conservation officers removed three polar bears from Brian Ladoon’s property:

“Conservation officers had to immobilize a bear in that area last week and move it to the holding facility because it killed one of his dogs. A mother and cub were also removed because there were allegations the bears were being fed and the females’ behavior was becoming a concern.”

Ladoon, who breeds Canadian sled dogs at the sanctuary, told the news it was the only day the bears weren’t fed as no one left food out for them to eat. Previously Ladoon stated if the bears misbehaved, the dogs would bark and “put the bears in place.” Manitoba’s Endangered Species and Ecosystem Act specifically states:

“No person shall kill, injure, possess, disturb or interfere with an endangered species, a threatened species, or an extirpated species that has been reintroduced.”

Ladoon admits he has broken the law as to feeding the bears and interfering with their status thus endangering their lives. Experts fear the bears associate dogs and humans with food, and if they migrate to other remote communities while out in the Arctic, they might try to kill other animals or humans for food. And although Ladoon previously compared the relationship between his dogs and bears as “nature’s will” this could all mean a death sentence for the bears.

To view the video, click here.

18 replies
  1. edward says:

    No a****** bears and dogs never got the f*** alone you f****** retarded m************ more in Canadian piece of s*** it’s your f****** act together bears are bears dogs stay with dogs don’t be a f****** retard all your life because you your dog lost his life you scumbag

      • penniespen says:

        No it’s not! In this if you look on YouTube from first science I believe, they have a video of the Bears doing it in 2007! 2007! When is this guy going to be taken away his rights! It’s messed up. The dogs don’t stand a chance! Someone help change the laws in Canada. They don’t need to be on chains and they need to have shelter away from the Bears also.

  2. maxiemom says:

    Everyone has seen that video of the polar bear and the dog, and now we find out that the bear or one of his friends probably ate one of the dogs. We also find out that the owner of the dogs has been feeding the bears illegally, which has encouraged the bears to become familiar with the dogs and humans, and probably caused the death of the dog. I hate people who chain their dogs, and chaining that dog is why the dog is dead along with that IDIOT feeding the bear and failing to feed it the day the dog was killed. That stupid a** not only got his dog killed, but might be responsible for getting those bears, a threatened species (or are they endangered now?) killed.

    • penniespen says:

      You’re exactly right! Why is Canada letting that happen? It’s like they’re sitting on their thumbs. They are just as bad as he is if they don’t get some changes to happen real soon! It’s not fair for the dog or the Bears.

  3. Catherine Staffy says:

    I think maybe we need further investigation into Brian Ladoon and the business he runs and also a petition. Something doesn’t ring right here. Poor dog, r.i.p.

  4. penniespen says:

    Please if you’re from Canada get the government to change the laws! The dog shouldn’t be chained up out there and Without Shelter. Brian land doing needs to be taken away from these dogs that he supposedly rescued because they were a rare breed. He’s not doing anything good for them. He’s making money. It’s all about the dollar! Can you if you live in Canada get ahold of animal rights groups?


    The owner should be chained, and let’s zee how he likes it when bears or other animals eat him!

  6. Rick Mohammed says:

    Not nature’s will – this person should be jailed for causing the dog’s death and endangering the bear. What an ignorant and cruel idiot!

  7. Ruby says:

    Over the last 10-15 years, I’ve seen several reports of chained dogs being eaten by polar bears on Ladoon’s property.

  8. Ruby says:

    I first read about Brian Laddoon feeding polar bears in 1997! Laddoon does this so tourists would pay him to take photos of the dogs and bears.

    I do not understand why he hasn’t been arrested or at least stopped. The article I read is still available at the site of the wild life photographer who wrote about this 2 decades past: The articles are listed by date; the date of the polar bear killing sled dog article is May 1997.


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