Tiny terrier returned 6 times to shelter finally finds love at 13-years-old

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A 17-pound-Tibetan terrier has had a life full of neglect, misery and loneliness. Since 2012, Peanut’s history dates back to the Manhattan’s  Animal Care Centers of New York City where he was picked up as a stray, and repeatedly reclaimed by his “family.”Peanut at NYCACC Sometimes getting lost is a forgivable situation – dogs can be dogs and sneak away in the most clever and unexpected ways.

What is a shelter to think, however when Peanut became an all too familiar “stray” after six more times? It then becomes time to change the dog’s future.Peanut RDR 2 And on July 25, for the seventh time, the extremely frightened, nearly 13-year-old dog was picked up by Animal Control as a “stray”. To make matters even worse, Peanut’s medical needs as well as his aggressive behavior (who wouldn’t be?)  precluded almost anyone from adopting him. The staff at the shelter described Peanut as having the following issues:

  •  Aggressive, geriatric, walks well, will not allow any hands-on exam – growls and bites.
  • Immature cataracts OU. Severe dental disease and teeth heavily worn down, pulp canals visible in some mandibular incisors.
  • Severe hyperpigmentation and alopecia around eyes and muzzle.
  • Slightly lame on left hind leg. 

Why Peanut was returned to his owner so many times is unknown, but the last five years of his life had certainly been one of neglect and turmoil. And then it happened! Jackie O’Sullivan, co-founder of Rescue Dogs Rock NYC was alerted to Peanut’s one in a million chance to make his freedom walk out of the shelter. Peanut RDR3Peanut RDR 4

“Many people advocated for Peanut and his plight, and we decided to rescue him to safety so he would never have the chance to return to his owner ever again. He went immediately from the shelter to our vet partner where he underwent surgery to have 10 teeth removed, neutered and medication for his dry eye infected skin and feet,” explained Jackie.

And on Thursday afternoon, Peanut, the 13-year-old dog who almost lost hope of ever being loved, is leaving with his foster dad.

“We can’t wait to post photos of Peanut in his new home …Our mission continues…,” is posted on the organization’s Facebook page.

To help Rescue Dogs Rock NYC save more precious lives just like Peanut, donations can be made by clicking here.

Follow  the National Pet Rescue on Facebook.

(Photos Rescue Dogs Rock NYC)

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  1. Dear Cheryl, thank you very much for sharing “Precious Peanuts” story. I had pledged (Acc NYC) for Peanut and Thank God Rescue Dogs Rock’s came to Peanut’s Rescue! I have seen poor little Peanut many times returned before to the kill shelter as well. And I often wondered why Peanut had been returned to his previous neglectfull owners so many times. The miracle came this week that Peanut was not going to be returned and he would have the “chance” he deserves to receive enduring love from a genuine pet parent. So often, the stories of animal neglect, abuse and sometimes death can over shadow the heart warming beginings that are few and far in between. Prayers needed for a more humane and loving world, God speed.

  2. Peanut Deserves to have a few days, weeks, months, and perhaps years of Unconditional Love before he leaves this earth… Let’s hope his foster dad is compassionate enough to see he get it!!!


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