Thugs release 3 shelter dogs and used them as ‘bait’ for fighting practice

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In a disturbing discovery on Thursday morning, three rescue dogs were found dead at the Humane Society of the Delta in Helena, Arkansas after they were intentionally released from their kennels and used as “bait” for fighting dogs, reports the organization to their followers on their Facebook page. Humane Society of the Delta

“We are saddened beyond measure, disgusted beyond words, and feel powerless and exhausted… During the night, three of our dogs were purposefully released from their kennels and attacked by fighting dogs for “practice”… When we arrived to the shelter this morning, we discovered their mauled, lifeless bodies.”

The Phillips County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. According to LocalMemphis, this isn’t the first time dogs have been stolen or abused. Shelter director Beth Florek operates on a shoestring budget and relies only on donations. Of prime importance for the shelter is to erect  a security fence, cameras, better lighting, and an air-conditioning unit for the building so the dogs can be brought in at night where they will be safe. The organization has  an air-conditioned warehouse where the puppies are housed.

“Our animals need help… Our animals need air-conditioning… Our animals need a secure environment…
Please, please help our animals.. We need people to adopt, rescue, and foster. We need money to air-condition the building we have so that we can safely and securely house our animals!…”

Sadly the Humane Society only averages $500 to $600 a month, and even without air-conditioning, expenses can soar up to $12,000 a month to operate. Please consider helping; click here for more information. A GoFund link can be found here.

If you know anything that can help in this investigation, call the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office at (870) 338-5555.

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  1. It is SO VERY SAD that some of the Towns in Arkansas don’t have businesses that will STEP up and HELP support the Humane Society so they can get better security systems installed to assist in helping the animals that are put at Risk!!!! Good Grief !!!!! How can YOU PEOPLE just turn you heads while these THUGS RULE YOUR VERY LIVES AND TOWN and put INNOCENT and HELPLESS animals in such PERIL !!!

  2. He or she did the following dirtbags we’re going to a shelter and taking Three Gorges special lives of those dorks for your own pleasure of eating you better hope I never come across to you that I will f*** you up so f****** bad you’ll wish you never were born hey Google my famous line a waste of sperm it’ll be cool if we could take you clowns put you in a bit of solid Pit Bulls that weren’t fed for a month video tape it for the pleasure of you scum bags around and fight dogs don’t worry I’ll be there watching and laughing my ass off like I’m in a movie eating popcorn and having some soda pop will face me in the least

  3. I don’t understand why some communities do nothing to support their local shelters. If not for the people there, shelters would not be necessary in the first place! Surely the business owners there can’t all be so heartless that they can think this situation is acceptable.

    As for the filthy scum who keep opening pens to kill innocent dogs to use as bait…. You know you’re going straight to hell right? If there were any justice on this earth you’d be hanged whenever you’re caught along with the filth who watch dog fights. Whatever terrible things happen to you on this earth, you deserve, and then some.

  4. try to keep pets inside of building and not outside cages.people donot care that dogs are 4 legged kids wearing fur.they start with animals and maybe later with little kids.animals are not to be used like that.when you find who did it.put them thru it also.make them pay out money bigtime first and then use them for bait in jail to the people in the jail that likes animals and hate who hurts the animals.

  5. Security camera systems can be gotten pretty cheap these days… Bulk wholesalers usually have them for under $500… I know they rely on donations for this stuff, but it should be a priority to find scumbags like this & prosecute them.

  6. Dog fighting is a form of slavery, the dogs are made to work for their owners to make money, they produce crops of puppies, they are mistreated, beat and sometimes killed by their owners.THANK GOD WE OVERCAME HUMAN SLAVERY IN THIS COUNTRY WHY CAN WE NOT OVERCOME THIS FORM OF SLAVERY? Dog fight promoters are promoting slavery, shame on them. They need wiped out…


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