Three injured pit bulls turned away at Chicago shelter

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More discrimination against dogs breeds occurred at Chicago’s Animal Care and Control Shelter this past week after a worker refused to help three injured pit bulls. According to the Chicago Sun Times, the dogs were brought there by animal rescue volunteers after hours. Advocates and critics contend the shelter violated their own rules by turning animals in need away.

According to Barbara Kitzerow, a Chicago police officer and animal rescue volunteer who had been off duty, but hurried to rescue the dogs, there was no describing how frustrated she felt when the frightened dogs, who had been dumped off by a car on the street, weren’t able to be helped. The injured dogs had likely been in a fight and had scratches and wounds on their heads; one of the dog’s had a detached ear and needed help, however a security guard at the shelter told her nothing could be done. Even when two more on duty police officers showed up, the security officer at Animal Care and Control still refused.

Alderman Lopez, who has been critical of Animal Care and Control management, stated the agency’s budget is more than sufficient to handle the situation. As reported by Fox 32, Lopez called it “unacceptable.”

“In a city that prides itself on having an open shelter, that is open to any animal that can come in injured or otherwise, to turn our backs on them and refuse to help people do the right thing is just deplorable,” stated Lopez.

Instead the dogs were transferred to the Animal Welfare League in Chicago Ridge where it is hoped all three of the dogs will soon be available for adoption. Two of the dogs needed surgery, but all are reported to be doing well.

As to Chicago Animal Care and Control, they state their policy only allows police officers on duty to drop off dogs after hours, however two on duty officers did show up asking for the dogs to be helped. Their suggestion was to leave the dogs to suffer and roam the streets until morning when an Animal Control officer would pick them up during regular business hours.

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(Photo of three injured pit bulls screenshot via Fox 32)



18 replies
  1. Nancy Raymond says:

    The actions of Chicago Animal Care & Control is DEPLORABLE!! Apparently the word ‘Care’ means nothing to this place – these dogs needed help immediately and their refusal to admit them makes me sick. These so called ‘shelters’ that discriminate against pit bulls have no right to be called shelters – their doors should be opened to ALL animals at ALL times.

  2. Heike says:

    Wow is a shelter not supost to help animals in need of rescue ? Who ever had the nerve to refuse to rescue these injured pit bulls should not work in a shelter and really should be fired !!

  3. maxiemom says:

    HEARTLESS B******S!!!! Some people have no business even walking into a shelter, much less working in one. I hope the dogs will be okay and will be able to find wonderful homes.

  4. Sharon says:

    My family and I own several pitbulls and have for years best dog ever they’re loyal loving and sweet these people that refused to help these puppies need to be treated the same way there’s too many good people out there looking for a job to have people like this that don’t want to do a job that are Prejudiced and very judgemental God loves us all good or bad yellow green black white purple he doesn’t judge us and we don’t have the right to judge each other open your eyes karma is not a nice person

  5. Rhonda Maclean says:

    I’m actually glad that the shelter turned them away. They would probably have killed them the next day because they are pits so they may have actually saved their lives by being arrogant.

  6. Star Shelley says:

    I am in sock that a shelter turn away these poor babies because they were pit bulls. ASPC needs to get involved with what this shelter did. All personnel needs to be replace. Gosh I want to kick some ass.!!!

  7. Maria L. Hernandez says:

    Them ASSHOLES that left them in the streets, what makes it even worse r these so called shelters never have thought good of them, they put the word “SHELTER” to shame! They do not stick to the rightful definition!! Thank god this rescue came in rescued them!! Some of these shelters r just s bad s some of the ppl that abandones them n abuses them!!


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