Texas man accused of killing puppy while high on drugs

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A man in Austin, Texas, is accused of killing a puppy that he adopted from an area rescue agency. According to Dallas News,  23-year-old Joshua Fortier allegedly forced his adopted puppy,  “Kano,” to consume rubbing alcohol while he was high on a multitude of drugs; the poisoned puppy, who Fortier claimed was a “demon,” did not survive.

Fortier and his girlfriend had adopted the puppy in November from Austin Pets Alive! It was Fortier’s girlfriend who found the deceased puppy’s body floating in a bathtub inside of their home.Screenshot (849)

On Tuesday, Austin Pets Alive! issued a statement about the cruel incident which took place on May 5:

Austin Pets Alive! has recently learned about the tragic killing of Kano. We are heartsick that this has happened to one of our graduates. Thankfully the court system is pursuing justice for Kano and we hope it will exhaust every option to hold this person accountable for a horrific crime.

The accused puppy-killer was taken into custody on a charge of cruelty to a non-livestock animal. He is undergoing a mental health evaluation.

(Photo Austin Pets Alive!)

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  1. Maureen Oleary says:

    This is discusting,how could a drug addit have a puppy? These people unless they have been treated, are a danger to dogs,cats, and other humans. To them, a puppy is something that doesn’t mean anything. On drugs and alcohol. This is such a cruel death for this puppy. RIP. Sweetheart. Your with the angels.

  2. Penny's Dachshund says:

    This PUKE SHOULD REALLY GET to enjoy ONE “LAST” High let some inject him with a lethal dose of HEROIN !!!! BY!BY! to ONE ROTTON PUPPY KILLER!!!!

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    Yes there is a “demon” in this story and his name is Joshua Fortier! Go ahead blame your actions on “drugs”! This sorry POS needs to be locked away and I hope his “girlfriend” knows enough to dump the Bast**d! Rest in peace precious Kano, I’m so sorry life has treated you this way.

  4. Annabel Edwards says:

    How could he kill a most beautiful puppy, I know he was on drugs in that case he shouldn’t have animals!!!

  5. Ed says:

    Yeah real punishment of slap on the wrist and let him go or give him a $25 parking fine people are f****** joke you’ve got to do better research of what and who you giving these animals too as for you your low-life piece of s*** I would think not rubbing alcohol that’s too good gasoline and light you up I’ll be too nice to use your s*** like you deserve to be locked away forever throw away the key Ocho Rios hard my life is so hard I had to do drugs and force a puppy to swallow alcohol

  6. Coral Jane says:

    Ok so….and its a quote.. “The accused puppy-killer was taken into custody on a charge of cruelty to a non-livestock animal. He is undergoing a mental health evaluation.”

    So we know he’s mentally inapt due to his filthy drug habit… but I question the charges.
    Should it not read and apply as “charge of cruelty to an animal”?

    Looks to me that clearly in Austin, Texas livestock aren’t considered sentinel beings like every other animal. Is Texas yet to evolve past cowboys & indians and big cattle ranchers 1700-1800s era?


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