Texas couple’s dog killed over Hillary Clinton campaign sign in front of their home

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A Richardson, Texas couple are mourning the loss of their dog who was allegedly poisoned to death after having ingested a deadly neurotoxin, reports CbsNewsMatt Steadman's dog

The death of Matt and Beth Steadman’s two-year-old shepherd mix, named Abby, has been part of a series of attacks in their community to the couple because of a political sign in their front yard supporting presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

“Hillary Clinton, I’m with her,” Steadman stated, but three signs endorsing the candidate have already been stolen.

One week ago, a note was left for the Steadmans stating “Hillary for Prison 2016.” And then the following day, the family’s vehicle was vandalized when someone poured bleach into the gas tank. Then came the worst of all the harassment when Abby started shaking on Sunday. The couple rushed her to the vet, but on Tuesday their devoted little canine pal died; their veterinarian stating the dog had been poisoned. Matt Steadman

No one knows for sure if their support for Clinton caused the vandalism of their new car or Abby’s death. No investigation is underway by police even though a report is on file. The couple will continue to support the candidate of their choice – isn’t that what America is all about? They hope someone comes forward and tells them who killed their dog and why. It’s not like Abby could even vote.

Rest in peace Abby.

(Submitted photo Cbs News)

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  1. Must be a sick psychotic pos who could kill an innocent dog because of someones political views. I personally cant stand Clinton but thats my opinion and you have yours. I am truly sorry fot your loss and hope you catch this sick sub human

  2. In all of my 68 years, I have never seen such a nasty campaign! What is to be gained by vandalizing someone’s car and poisoning their dog over a political sign? It makes you wonder what kind of a society we are living in. I hope they find out the “upstanding” citizen that did this! Yes we all have a right to our opinion on who to support, and if the ones supporting the Republican candidate are doing this sort of thing, we can see why Matt and Beth Steadman are supporting Hillary Clinton!

    • I agree. It used to be that politicians actually campaigned on what THEY stood for and planned to do in office. Now it’s all mudslinging to the extreme, lies, and violence. It makes me ashamed to call myself an American at times. That an innocent dog would be poisoned over who his owners are backing for president? The person who did this deserves to be in prison and lose their right to vote for the rest of their lives.

      • Because they haven’t been violent toward anyone. Trump supporters have, and this IS Texas where you are going to find Trump supporters, not a lot of Bernie’s.

      • I don’t any more than you know it wasn’t a Trump supporter. I do know that this election has become a mud slinging nightmare and the Trump campaign (Mostly Trump himself) is leading the charge!

    • I couldn’t agree with you more! Despicable what some will do. It’s no wonder that I think more of pets than I do most people.

  3. I think after the 1st time I may just take the sign down and just vote the way I want to vote … it’s so sad it has come to that but there are some really sick people out there and 3 times sounds and a death …OY

    • In America, you should NOT have to hide your opinion out of fear of retaliation by a bunch of sickos. These folks should put a hundred damn signs of their choice up and sit guard over them. Were I their neighbors, I’d offer to take turns guarding them. It is likely one disturbed, dangerous individual responsible for all of the incidents, and the neighborhood would be better off aware of who that person is, because someone that deranged is a threat to everyone. I despise Drumpf and all he stands, and doesn’t stand for, but my locale is peppered with Drumpf signs. No one steals or defaces them, and no one has poisoned anyone’s dogs over political signs here. Were that to change, I’d damn well be out there helping the person that happened to, even if it was a Drumpf sign that instigated the crime. When it comes to violence, ALL good folks need to stand against the criminals, regardless of race, religion, or political leanings.

  4. They should have gotten a camera for the front of their home after the second sign was stolen. And WHY aren’t the idiot cops investigating? ARE YOU KIDDING????? It’s pretty plain who they’re voting for, and why they aren’t taking this seriously. Hell, one of them is probably behind it!

    Anyone evil enough to take this kind of malevolent support for that vile, racist, rabble rousing scumbag needs to be locked up and exterminated. Trump brings out the worst in ‘people’, spewing hatred and bringing the racists out of the shadows because one of their own is front and center. UGH!!!!

    • An assumption is being made here and chances are we will find out the truth and it probably has nothing to do with politics. But you assertion is wrong. Clintons people are deranged and violent towards everyone. I vote for your extermination or to be pc, euthanized first.

      • So if Trumps followers did this, this makes them not deranged and violent toward others? And what does it say about you with your statement “I vote for your extermination or to be pc, euthanized first”? Good God, I would say Maxiemom stated the obvious “Trump brings out the worst in ‘people’, spewing hatred and bringing the racists out of the shadows because one of their own is front and center”!

      • You show me ONE INSTANCE of someone acting out like this who’s voting for Clinton. JUST ONE!!! Show me where someone: chanted racist epithets; attacked reporters; INCITED POLITICAL ASSASSINATION; etc. If you believe Clinton’s voters are at all deranged, you are one of the crazy ones, chum.

      • There are many instances out there where Clinton supporters have attacked Trump supporters, listen to the news, read, google it. California, Wisconsin, Ohio, list goes on. As far as my opinion of Clinton supporters, if you want to debate me on politics pick another site as this site is for the animals in need of help.

      • typical response from a democrat who cant see the forest for the trees. I foster rescues, I have adopted seven rescued dogs on top of fostering. Donate to the rescues. What do you do besides call people names.

      • EXAMPLES were asked for. WHERE are they? I sure don’t see them because there are none! Just because your right wing Faux Noise tells you something does not make it true. YOU are the one who decided that “Clintons people are deranged and violent towards everyone. I vote for your extermination or to be pc, euthanized first.”, but NOW you “want to debate me on politics pick another site as this site is for the animals in need of help”? You are a pathetic, vile, evil troll who might love animals, but are as evil as the party you serve.

      • Not only are you a heartless, hate filled jerk per your own words, and I quote “But you assertion is wrong. Clintons people are deranged and violent towards everyone. I vote for your extermination or to be pc, euthanized first” but an ignorant a** as well. How is it that you read Cheryl and don’t even know who Lisa Blanck is?

      • Wow. People who don’t agree with you need to be exterminated, but *they* are the violent ones? You are scary.

      • One of the things I miss on this forum is the “like” button! Consider your statement “liked”

      • “You are pathetic so go fornicate yourself”

        Yep. That’s exactly what I’d expect from someone as low and common (and I repeat your ORIGINAL, DISGUSTING TRUMPIAN EXTREMIST THREAT “Clintons people are deranged and violent towards everyone. I vote for your extermination or to be pc, euthanized first.”) and deranged as you. You can’t prove your original assertion about violence from Hillary’s supporters because there is NONE, so all you can do is what others of your ilk do: threaten, name call, bully, and swear. Typical troll trash.

      • Did you literally wish death on someone on a page discussing the horrific tragedy of a poor dog that was murdered? I don’t care what political party these murderers affiliate with as that is just fluff and probably doesn’t factor in anyway. People who cause harm to dogs will do so no matter what, they don’t need a reason

      • You lying SOS!!! AT NO POINT did I say that “trump supporters should be locked up and exterminated”!!! .

        What I said was “Anyone evil enough to take this kind of malevolent support for that vile, racist, rabble rousing scumbag needs to be locked up and exterminated.”

        What YOU DID was admit that YES, INDEED, this was undoubtedly done by a Trump supporter!!!!

        Thank you for FINALLY being honest, jerk!

    • I’m a Trump supporter only because I can’t stand Hillary but I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER do damage to property or an animal belonging to someone who likes Clinton.

      • I know you wouldn’t. I don’t understand how you could possibly vote for him, though, because you’re not nuts, and because you care for animals. Look at HER RECORD! Look at HIS and HIS STATEMENTS toward them and his family’s !!! If you look at the animal issues alone, let alone the other, more obvious ones, there is no choice. Besides, how the devil could anyone stand a racist like Trump? Please think about it.

      • PLEASE reconsider…..have you seen this ad using Trump’s actual words about women:

        He had deliberately drawn to himself the worst racists in the U.S. and given them HOPE…….

        He inherited a fortune, never had to work, but when he DID work, he drove three casinos into bankruptcy…..then became a TV reality star! IS this who you want to have their finger on the nuclear launch code?

      • YOU need to look at her record, from her support of children to her support of ANIMALS. YES, know you are a right winger, but surely you can draw the line at a racist, woman hating piece of filth like Trump? And trying to say it was a disgruntled Bernie supporter is as crazy as it gets. They might be angry, but they’re not EVIL. Look at the clips of Trump supporters attacking people, whether they’re women, reporters, nonwhites, and it shouldn’t even be a question unless you’re DELIBERATELY trying not to see it.

      • Bunk. All you need to do is listen to Trump to see where the racist are, as if there were any doubt in the first place. Bernie supporters aren’t going to go out and do something this vile: only someone desperate not to believe what’s in front of their face would think something like that. Nice to see you never change.

      • Oh Theresa dear don’t fool yourself. There are plenty of racists to go around and I am sure each party has their fair share.

  5. thats sorry for someone to do regardless. You just dont mess with peoples property or kill their beloved dog. Thats sorry ass wrong.

      • AGAIN: “Clintons people are deranged and violent towards everyone. I vote for your extermination or to be pc, euthanized first.” (Tina Scott)

        So just WHO, on this site, has acted and sounded like a thug?

      • You started it with your ridiculous comment which I responded too. You called for extermination of trump supporters or are you too stupid to read what you write? Aug 25 @2:29pm.

      • Again, Tina Scott, you are a lying SOS!! I did NOT say that and anyone reading my comment knows that. It’s there in black and white, but the problem with buffoons is that they ASSume that people aren’t smart enough to go back and look at the original remark and will simply take your word for it.


        What I said was “Anyone evil enough to take this kind of malevolent support for that vile, racist, rabble rousing scumbag needs to be locked up and exterminated.” YOU have now admitted it was a Trump supporter. You have ADMITTED that the violence Trump is inciting throughout this country is what killed that dog. Thank you. I didn’t say all Trump supporters were evil: however, you took your statement to an entirely DIFFERENT level because your own level of hatred and malevolence is just that kind of evil. The person who could do this over a sign is one kind of evil. The person who wrote what you did is someone who is simply another, and the same kind at that. You and the person who did this are birds of a feather.

  6. So sorry for the loss of their beloved pet. It’s a shame that people would poison an animal because of differing political beliefs. Personally, I cant stand Billary Clinton …but –I would never ever beat up a person, or an animal or do destruction to another persons domicile. Its plain wrong and — its illegal. The scumbags need to be caught and adjudicated.

    • Please consider what a Trump presidency would be like, and the people around him……the types drawn to him……they are the worst types of hard core racists…..and not only that, when given a security briefing as a member of a major party (which is routine) he brought up “nuking” as a solution to problems no less than three times!

  7. Since THE LOCAL POLICE DEPARTMENT refused to investigate WHY HASN”T THE FBI BEEN CALLED INTO this CITY of HATE and DSICORD to investigate??? This is a violation of these peoples rights

  8. I do not support Hilary but I sure as hell would not kill anyone’s pet over it…or vandalize anyone’s vehicles…thts just childish. So sry for your loss..R.I.P. ABBY

  9. Poor Abby the dog…The innocent victim. She had no idea why this horrible pain took over her body. R.I.P. Abby, you are being loved, even as you climb the stairway to heaven.
    Karma takes care of everything, one way or another.
    WHY haven’t your owners done anything about this horrific act of violence? WHY haven’t they pressed for an investigation, by someone other than the local (loser) police department???
    May your beautiful soul rest in peace, Abby.
    Love and Hugs. You WILL find a better place more worthy of your soul, Abby, as you journey forward. Never look back. ♡♡♡

    • Since this is now in the media, I would say the owners are doing something about this. You have a lot more faith in “karma” than I do. I see too many animal related atrocities go unpunished and I’ve seen too many “bad” people get away with their atrocities and live long lives!

  10. RIP Sweet Abby.. I am sorry your innocent sweet soul had to be lost by horrific humans.. the human race is the only one that does this.. The animal kingdom is above and beyond this. Abby you will be in a happier place very soon, tho you may not feel it now..but very soon you will be with other animals of like minds and hearts just like your own..
    Regarding your family on earth.. I hope they will find strength to pursue this beyond the local police who isn’t doing anything…and also..it is curious.. that I may very well be someone in your own neighborhood..but don’t let this just drop here. Contact the FBI and take it further..don’t let the local police sit on this..contact the MEDIA..TELEVISION, NEWSPAPERS.. GET YOUR STORY OUT.. GET THESE PERPETRATOR PUNISHED LIKE THEY BELONG.ANIMAL ABUSE IS A FELONY IN MANY STATES NOW. AND THIS IS CLEARLY THAT.. IT IS MURDER.

  11. Trump supporters. How did I know? And Texans, no less! A few years back I was in Louisiana with an Obama sticker on my car. I yahoo started circling my car menacingly as a sat in it in a parking lot. Later it was vandalized.

    • Not sure what your comment has to do with this story but let’s hold off on criticizing a whole state because of these monsters. I have spent my life rescuing dogs and advocating on their behalfs and I have lived in Texas all my life.

      Oh and I won’t even comment on the Trump reference as he scares the hell out of me. I think what people forget most is that these evil scumbags killed an innocent dog over a political race. Are you freaking kidding me?

      All I am saying is that if they catch these monsters and decide to allow vigilante justice, I am first in line.

      Texas proud

      • Just so you know, read my original comment. Tina Scott is lying. Her ‘extermination’ comment is NOT in response to one in kind from me. She is nuts.

  12. Seems as if everyone here is making the assumption the dog was killed because of the Hillary sign. Maybe the person that did this just didn’t like the dog.

    • And stole the Hilary signs and poured bleach into these people’s car destroying it!. Yes I’m sure all that happened because they “didn’t like the dog”.


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