Tethered 9-month-old puppy dies from injuries after attacked by three dogs

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Animal advocates tried their best to save the life of a nine-month-old puppy in Davidson County, North Carolina this week after she was attacked by three dogs while tethered outside of her home and unable to escape.elsa-spirit-canine-rescue

According to Spirit Canine Rescue, the beautiful although extremely skinny and flea infested Elsa, had been picked up by Animal Control, but had been reclaimed by her owner on September 2nd. Just five days later, however, Elsa was once again surrendered to the Davidson County Shelter by the same owner; this time gravely injured. Young Elsa had been left to languish in pain for  at least three days – her flesh rotting as her deeply infected wounds had been ravaged by maggots. She had been attacked by three dogs – Elsa reportedly had not been the aggressor. elsa-spirit-canine-rescue-2

When informed of the situation, Spirit Canine Rescue raised funds for the dog’s medical emergency, procured a foster home; and Elsa was immediately transferred to Tysor Veterinary Clinic in Siler City, where staff worked for several hours to save the puppy’s life.

“Last night, Wednesday September 7, ELSA was sedated and kept overnight at the vet. She has very deep and serious wounds to her head, face and leg. The wounds were filthy, matted, infected and teeming with maggots. Dr. Tysor’s staff irrigated and cleaned them for several hours and still need to work on elsa-spirit-canine-rescue-5them. ELSA may require surgery,” came the dog’s first update on Facebook.

Tragically, on Thursday morning Elsa died; her heart gave out. The heartbreaking news on Facebook alerted the many advocates who had already been following Elsa’s plight and hoping she would survive:

ELSA PASSED THIS MORNING. We are heartbroken. Elsa died this morning at 9:00 am. We got the call from Dr. Tysor. Her poor heart gave out. She will be cremated and the ashes returned to Spirit Canine Rescue. She mattered and she will not be forgotten. RIP sweet girl; you never deserved the pain and suffering you endured.”

A petition to the Davidson County Commission can be found here to pass legislation against tethering – a law residents have been asking the commission to address.

It is not known if Elsa’s owners will be charged with animal cruelty, nor has any information been released about the dogs who attacked the puppy.  Surely, someone should be held responsible for the death of Elsa.

Rest in peace Elsa.

(Photos courtesy of Spirit Canine Rescue)

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  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    This IS NOTHING SHORT OF HORRIFIC !!! What that poor little dog endured ,,, being ripped to shreds alive! The pain, fright, and down right cruel manner in which this happen to this poor sweet puppy is enough to make you want to puke on the irresponsible owners that allowed something this VILE to happen…. maybe they could tie their child up out there next , NO Difference as far as I am concerned… The people in this STATE of North Carolina are either Clueless as to how to care for an animal, don’t really give ONE HOOT of and OWEL”S FART! OR JUST PLAIN STUPID!!!

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      They should never have gotten her back after she was picked up skinny and flea infested! The owners aren’t fit to have a pet! North Carolina is certainly getting a reputation for this sort of thing, I’m with you, don’t they care? I can’t believe there are this many “stupid” people there.

      • Penny' Dachshund says:

        I am starting to think The General Population in that area Just PLUM DON”T Give A Scoop of Elephant Dung about their animals their kids, their elders, or themselves… Get the government assistance check go and buy some booze and go to a “cock” fight or a “dog fight ring” for the entertainment for the week…. Ye Ha. then go home and beat the ole lady. They let their “supposed’ pet’s roast to death in the summer on a chain with no water or shade, then let the survivors “freeze to death” when a blizzard ( that incidently they have been warned about day in advance) … but make sure the path is cleared so that government check can get in the mail box!!!

      • Penny' Dachshund says:

        There is absolutely NO Accountability IN the State … The judicial system might as well just stay home and have the county KEEP MAILING the Check to there homes, to same money on utilities in the county and State offices!

    • Nicole Currie says:

      The owner should without question be investigated and charged. This sounds more like a bait dog situation. Even if it was backyard tethering, they did not seek immediate medical attention, or ensure her safety to begin with. Disgrace. So sad they ever gave her back.

  2. Annie says:

    Prosecute the bastard owners!!!!!! They killed her. They might as well have shot her. And you can bet that those ignorant fools will go out and get another puppy and do the same thing to it.

  3. Heike says:

    Why is it always the poor dog that gets no justice ! Elsa did not lock a chain around her neck so it ranterd her defenseless against the 3 dogs the rain the cold ! No it was the scum that adopted her that left her out there to suffer from the elements and left her to die after the dog attack! These dogs don’t get to pick who adopets them they are at the mercy of whom ever! Animal life’s are important just like ours only we get a Joyce’s they dont! So I ask who will pay if not there guardians? Justice goes both ways all life counts!!!!!

    • LovelyPersephone says:

      The law is not the issue, INFORCING it is. When the cops who feel it’s not worth their time/energy don’t use the law to prevent this, this will continue.

  4. Barkley's Mom says:

    An extremely skinny and flea infested Elsa, had been picked up by Animal Control, and they let her go back to these abusers that left her tethered outside only to be attacked by 3 dogs. Then these abusers let her suffer for 3 days before doing something for her after she had been attacked, and it’s not known whether the owners will be charged with animal cruelty? It would seem to me that should be a given! Poor Elsa never deserved this, I hope the owners rot in hell!

  5. Darlene says:

    Where were the owners of dog tethered? Dud u not hear the screams? And 3 dogs who attacked need to be found & put down! This is horrifying that no one came to the rescue of the dog tied up.

  6. Gabriela says:

    The pos owner if you can call them that, needs to be charged. They neglected this poor girl and failed to give her immediate care. They left her suffering for days. They are just as responsible for her death. They need to find the dogs that attacked her and them owners are responsible for allowing a dog loose and charge them too for the cruelty inflicted by their dogs. Dogs will do what do dogs are taught. RIP poor girl. No one cared for you. Forever free.

  7. Debee says:

    Why aren’t the ‘ owners ‘ being charged with neglect ?? Disgusting and shameful !! R.I.P sweet baby at least no more human horrors in store for you 🙁

  8. C Snyder says:

    It is now known if her owner will be charged or not???? Seriously ?? What’s not to know about letting your tethered and defenseless dog who was ravaged by 3 dogs sit for days with deep searing wounds and then instead of getting her medical treatment you take her to the shelter? That’s not enough to bring charges of cruelty and neglect? Why did this subhuman even get a dog if all he/she ever planned to do was tie her up outside. This is appalling on so many levels.

  9. Elke says:

    Another failure by these stupid, ignorant owners that tether their dogs. Another animal control failure. Another expense passed to the rescue that gave a shit, because the owner didn’t. And I am sure the same idiots will get another dog.

  10. edward says:

    what’s wrong with those redneck m************ that is f****** stupid I like to take them by the least with a chain with and you’re going through a f****** filled with nothing but rocks and glass and laugh my f****** ass off you will like piece of s*** new message is received from Plus +1-570-430-0634

  11. Marsha Squibb says:

    Why did they allow her back to these bastards????They don’t face charges??F- -ing great..now they’ll do it again and so will.others knowing they do not have to pay!!!!Animals failed again by f-ing humans!!!!


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