Terrified and out of time – dog has lost all hope

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A young dog, held at a busy animal control agency in Owensboro, Kentucky, is showing signs that the stress of shelter life is too much for her to bear. On Wednesday, the Facebook page DCAC Urgents, featured the sad dog, whose name is “Pepper.”

Pepper’s post reads:

There are some dogs that just pull at your heart strings at first glance. Pepper is one of them. This young girl has already been a mother, and lost her home in her short 3 years on Earth. With the shelter packing dogs into kennels, that time may be cut even shorter.

Pepper is out of time – she is scared, confused and stressed. Worst of all, she has lost all hope – too frightened to even look at the photographer’s camera. Please take a moment to share Pepper’s information – networking saves lives and Pepper could use a helping hand from strangers right now.

Pepper is at the Daviess County Animal Shelter in Owensboro, Kentucky. You can email them at dcacanimals@yahoo.com or call them at 270-685-8275. Facebook thread here.

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  1. thayna kronos says:

    Her plight is heartbreaking. I have two GSDs, and I wish I could afford to take this girl, too. My girl is 3 also, and I can’t imagine her in this situation. It makes me cry.

    • Barkley's Mom says:

      I have 3 GSDs and know how you feel, If I could afford it I would save them all. Prayers for poor Pepper, German Shepherds are such intelligent, loyal companions, they do not do well left like this. I hope she makes it to a loving home.

  2. Gail Davenport says:

    I would take her but i am in Virginia. She looks so afraid. I have a female dog and cat and she looks like she needs a friend.


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