Terrified puppy ran down country road looking for help

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On a lonely country road surrounded by woods just south of Dallas, a terrified puppy was pushed out of a car on Wednesday night. She was abandoned in an area well known as a dumping ground for unwanted pets – a pit filled with dangerous coyotes, wild hogs and little food to scrounge as the freezing temperatures of an imminent winter approached.

Nikki was left to fend for herself; the terrified, emaciated puppy covered with scars could barely walk.  Just eight-months-old her future looked bleak. Her desperate plight however changed – mere luck brought an animal advocate and Rescue Dogs Rock NYC, to come to Nikki’s aid. The dog slowly approached, but out of fear, turned back a few times. Her legs were giving out on her,but so desperate for help and wanting so badly to trust, she came closer and laid down with her belly up. Upon closer inspection, it was obvious Nikki had endured horrific tortures. Scars resemble repeat whippings,  her tail was cut off to the nub; her weakened body was just coming to the end of her life’s struggle to survive.nikki-the-stray-2

“It’s almost like cruelty runs rampant in our blood and Nikki is our victim. She came walking down a dead road in the middle of nowhere searching for help. Never gave up even though she was terrified. Freshly dumped like trash in an unknown place. She is severely emaciated, wounds throughout her lower side and she struggles to walk. She tucks in her face under the leg that is mostly covered in scars. Her injuries resemble repeat whippings. She only knows how to cower. Her tail cut off at the base. She’s known the horrors of humanity, and she’s only a puppy,” wrote Leslie Ysuhuaylas, the volunteer who rescued Nikki.

Nikki had pleaded for help and Leslie heard her cries. As the puppy was gently placed in the car, she whimpered – unsure if she would be subjected to more pain and abuse. That was not to ever be Nikki’s fate again. After she was fed, she slowly began to trust and fell into a deep sleep – most likely the calmest and most comforting rest she’s ever known.

Please donate for Nikki’s care via PayPal at [email protected] or click here. Checks and gifts may be mailed to RDR NYC, PO Box 101
NY, NY 10028.

(Photos of terrified puppy courtesy of Rescue Dogs Rock and Leslie Ysuhuaylas.)

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  2. What a beautiful baby you are Nikki, the worst is behind you baby angel – know that you have lots of love and prayers heading your way – you still have a long and happy life ahead of you! Hopefully they’ll catch the scum that did this to you.


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