Tennessee man accused of moving, abandoning dogs

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A Tennessee man is accused of moving out of his home and leaving his dogs behind. According to Monday’s WRCB TV News,  Chad Edgar Horton is facing a charge of animal cruelty for allegedly leaving three dogs to fend for themselves in a residence near Rogersville; a witness told the authorities that Horton moved away approximately two months before the dogs were discovered.

Horton’s alleged misdeed is all the more disturbing because the mobile home that he allegedly walked away from had been provided to he and his family from community donations raised by One Accord Ministry after his prior home burned down, reported the Times News.

By the time that the abandoned dogs were discovered, they were in poor condition. Hawkins County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Mark Harrell told the Times News, “I observed three dogs at the residence to be in very poor condition without food or water.”

Horton was arrested and taken to jail but has since been released – he is scheduled to appear in court in early August.

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  1. Penny Jacobson says:

    All I can honestly say “IS this Riff- Raff Scum Bag deserves to ROT IN PRISON” Not only did he leave his poor helpless animals to die! He took advantage of the Caring and Helping Hand of the One Accord Ministry that Other deserving individual’s could have used!!!! He is a worthless piece of trash that should be discarded in the dump!!!

  2. mongibello says:

    Abandons his three dogs and takes advantage of the generosity of the community.
    Need one say more? Well yes, but I won’t.

  3. Barkley's Mom says:

    This Disgusting POS needs to rot in jail. Good people helped him and his family and this is how they repay them. Prayers for the poor dogs.

  4. Agnes says:

    And this scum of the earth gets to walk away from all he did? Where’s the justice in this? My prayers for the poor dogs & the people he took advantage of.


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