Teens accused of killing hungry cat at cookout

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Two teenagers in South Carolina are facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly shooting a hungry cat that was rummaging through garbage during a cookout on John Everall Road, in Lancaster, earlier this month. According to Friday’s WNCN News, the young men accused of the cruel act are 19-year-old Grant Bodison and 19-year-old Joshua Kiser.

Bodison and Kiser are accused of using a BB gun to shoot the cat, who was described as a “nuisance,” for getting into garbage at the home; both teens are accused of taking shots at the cat.

The wounded cat did not die quickly from the shots – the police stated, “Another person at the residence saw the cat was injured and apparently suffering and dispatched the cat by hand. The cat was then buried on the property.”

Since some of the residents at the home were college students, the cruel incident was investigated by the authorities, as well as the University of  South Carolina-Lancaster.

Sheriff Barry Faile commented on the sad situation, “I hope these young men learn something from the negative consequences that have and will result from this incident,” reported WYFF4 News.

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  1. I am tired of 19 year olds being called “teenagers”. Bodison and Kiser are grown men that show not compassion or regard for life! I wish I could take the BB gun and shoot them and let them suffer! I hope these “young men” learned something, but it’s highly doubtful, if they knew anything at all they would never have behaved like this in the first place.

    • Amen!!! I’ll gladly sign. So sad they couldn’t get the kitty to a vet and save him. Sounds like that could have been possible and yet someone killed him.

  2. These sickos will go on to hurt other animals and human beings as well ! When will our society open their eyes and see that these human rejects have no place in society . No leniency should be granted to this type of gum garbage . Who wants these sociopaths around them ? Working with them ? as a neighbor ? Certainly not me .

  3. Omg, Real Men…NOT! Nothing but 2 Pathetic Cowards who couldn’t pick on someone their own size! Hope KARMA comes to find you soon, Disgusting Pieces of …..!

  4. This butchering has got to stop we are A civilized society,oh sorry we were until we started letting uncivilized people into our countries now we have
    Animals being shot with arrows guns being tortured and burned pets are being stolen,used as bait and made to suffer at the hands of monsters
    People must learn to stand and fight evil or it will devour you.protect those things you hold dear to you????????????????????????????????????????????????????


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