Teen who threw boiling water on cat sentenced to prison

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In Chicago, Illinois an 18-year-old was sentenced to three years in prison on Monday for intentionally tossing boiling water on a cat and then posting the horrific video on social media.leon-teague

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Leon Teague was identified as the culprit in the online video posted on Facebook in February. The disturbing video went viral and showed a pot of boiling water on the stove and Teague calling the cat over to him from where the  pet had been sitting by the window sill. As soon as the cat is videoed approaching Teague, he pours the boiling water . The cat could be heard screaming as the water streamed down his head over the defenseless animal’s body.

The cat named Driver was found a few days later and survived the horrific cruelty. After recuperating at Felines & Canines, Driver has been adopted and is reported to be doing well. On the organization’s Facebook page, words of appreciation were expressed for helping an innocent victim find justice:

“This is a massive win for the animals that sends an unwavering message to the public that animal abuse will NOT be tolerated in our city. Our eternal gratitude and admiration go out to every person who fought passionately to be a voice and push for vindication on the behalf of Driver.”driver-the-cat

Donations to help more pets can be made here.

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(Photos via Felines & Canines)

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  1. Penny's Dachshund says:

    HURRAY!HURRAY! HURRAY!!! for the JUDGE that STOOD STRAIGHT AND TALL in Chicago and gave this sneering Little PUKE the sentence HE SO DESERVES….. LET HIS PUBLIC DEFENDER got to Hell and Back trying to get it changed TO NO AVAIL… MAY this NO ACCOUNT PUKE MEET HIS MAKER IN THE PEN!!!

  2. GPC says:

    Leon, how could you? The cat was innocent yet you chose to take out your anger on him. Grossly unfair and unjust. I wouldn’t be surprised if someday you are saved – emotionally – by an animal, once you realize that they will love you unconditionally. Three years is a long time but I hope something good comes out of this.


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