Teen sentenced for killing puppy

Teen who killed his grandma’s puppy fined and banned from owning pets

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A 19-year-old New Jersey teen, who was arrested after he killed his grandma’s puppy, has been sentenced. According to the Burlington County SPCA Humane Police, after pleading guilty, Quintin Segars, of Roebling, was fined $750 and he was banned from ever owning an animal again.

Segars killed his grandmother’s newly adopted seven-month-old puppy, “Fiona,” shortly after the pup was adopted. The Malti-poo mix puppy was allegedly killed in the midst of an argument between Segars and his grandma – the puppy is believed to have been ‘swung by the neck’ before dying.

Quintin Segars was charged by County Humane Police with “Inflicting unnecessary cruelty on a living creature” and “Needlessly killing a living creature,” for the October killing.

Prior article about this situation here.

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11 replies
  1. maxiemom says:

    I hope his grandmother never has anything to do with him again, including any kind of inheritance he might have received from her in her will. I also hope this disgusting POS doesn’t pollute this earth very long even if he is only 19.

  2. pennysdachshund says:

    YOU THINK THIS IS GONNA STOP HIM from Continu;ing This Hateful , Horrific , Killing and MURDER SPREE ,, NOT this PUKE NEEDS to be INSTUTITIONALIZED , EVALUATED , AS HE IS A POSSIBLE SERIAL KILLER,,, GRANDMA COULD VERY LIKELY BE NEXT>>> THEN THE AUTHORITIES WILL SAY:: GOLLY WE never thought he would do something like that!!! Get your Judgicial HEAD out of the dark crevice YOU have placed it inYOU HAVE PLACED IT IN!!!

  3. Darla says:

    BFD. He was fined and told never to own an animal again. First, he didn’t own the dog that he killed so that part of the “punishment” is BS. Second, no jail time? He needs to have friggin neck broken, just like he did to the poor dog.

  4. Laura Lee Wojtowicz says:

    This is the beginning sign of whatever more to come. He got off while grandma suffers loss of her baby and Puppy a few months old is dead. Grandma…. don’t allow him back in your house. Innocence is important more than blood garbage.

  5. Barkley's Mom says:

    You have got to be kidding, he killed a 7 month pup and he gets a big fine of $750, and can’t own a pet, He didn’t own that pet and the poor little thing is dead because he got in an argument with his Grandmother. I hope she has disowned this POS! I hope somehow Karma catches up with this low life! This is just so WRONG!

  6. Edward says:

    A f***** I’m very close to New Jersey I like to take you but your f****** head is so you can look f****** wall betta living f****** s*** out of you f****** piece of little little tiny garbage you touch that little dog I hope they put your ass and f****** crazy not stupid Vines Vines are for assholes like the judges that don’t know jackshit and then those f****** bubbles will beat the living crap out of you pick on somebody your own size you f****** f*****


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